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What do they FEAR MOST?
by ryall Sunday, Jan 8 2012, 9:26pm
international / peace/war / article

Think for a very brief moment because the answer is before your eyes – what would a nation with a divisionist, PERMANENT WAR doctrine, fear most? PEACE of course, mutual cooperation and UNITY -- civilised relations between people and nations, a not too difficult proposition in a world sick to death of UNNECESSARY wars and needless conflict.

A global PEACE initiative – a REAL movement -- would immediately EXPOSE the enemies of HUMANITY and identify the nefarious forces HELL-BENT on division, destroying our world and quality of life.

Most analysts, commentators and socially aware people KNOW that the Global Reserve Banking System and profit only driven, Transnational Corporate elites are behind most of today’s social unrest, inequality and CONFLICT; all wars are fought by misguided fools in THEIR interests -- make no mistake, every war waged over the past 2 decades has served the interests of Transnational and Banking elites and I would emphasise, at GREAT COST to the community and environment!

The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of people EVERYWHERE desire peace and civilised relations, only perverse minority interests oppose harmonious and civil relations between people and nations. The world has simply had its fill of PERVERSITY, WANTON DESTRUCTION and EVIL; those are the qualities which clearly identify evil minority elites that even now propel nations into perpetual conflict.

There is no hiding from the FACTS! ‘You will know them by their fruits;’ and no prizes for ‘guessing’ which nations lead the world in permanent war and wanton destruction!

Consider the very REAL, accessible to all, SOLUTION to all today’s social ills; an UNCOMPROMISING DEMAND and the implementation of PEACE and mutually cooperative relations – which are natural human INSTINCTS.

If an agenda-devoid, do-nothing, ineffective (Occupy) movement can ‘spontaneously’ erupt around globe from sheer frustration, how much greater a dedicated REAL MOVEMENT DEMANDING PEACE AND IMMEDIATE ACTION FROM ALL GOVERNMENTS TO END ALL CONFLICTS AND HOSTILITIES!

And do not be fooled by delaying or other avoiding tactics, the most effective and surest method for giving up ANY bad habit is simply to STOP, immediately!

PEACE is the inalienable RIGHT of EVERY HUMAN on the PLANET and no temporal force is justified resisting that INTENTION – demand the immediate cessation of all war/conflict and the cooperation, in full public view, of opposing parties; peaceful relations are created in the light of day, only nefarious, evil and destructive plans require secrecy!

As with freedom, peace is earned never bestowed; we either ACT in the interests of PEACE or allow ourselves to be led by an evil, perverse minority, to certain ruin, slavery and destruction.

Withdraw all support for any politician or government that directly or indirectly supports division, conflict and war – the future tenability of the human race depends on our peaceful initiatives, NOW!

We are ONE or we are NOTHING!


[Disseminate widely.]

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