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China, Russia: barking (cowardly) dogs don’t bite
by major mitchell Saturday, Jan 7 2012, 9:26pm
international / peace/war / commentary

As a British, Israeli and US naval flotilla quietly sails to the Persian Gulf in preparation for offensive action, the clawless and toothless Russian bear growls and the Chinese yellow dog (Chihuahua) yelps; we have heard and seen it all before, the APPEARANCE of opposition from the ‘other’ two superpowers.


But reality and recent history teach far better than lies and media fantasy.

From the Balkans to Libya, Russia and China FAILED (miserably) to support their allies and INTERESTS in the face of allied aggression, invasion and regime change; however, both timid superpowers maintain a high decibel ‘opposition’ to US and allied forces that (now) routinely go about their BUSINESS of Imperial expansion and eliminating any State government that refuses to acquiesce to Western Banking and Corporate interests!

We should not forget that Russia and China have also allowed NATO/US forces to close in on their border regions and gain the CRITICAL response/attack advantage while neither Russia nor China have retaliated or responded in kind.

It doesn’t take a genius to assess some basic facts; if indeed Russia and China present as REAL opposing forces to Western Banking and Corporate interests – as once did the USSR, in no uncertain terms – WHY then aren’t THEIR BATTLE SHIPS sailing to the Persian Gulf in support of Iran and to COUNTER the western Imperial fleet? A good question no doubt. Either they are part of the attack plan, as non-action partners or they are indeed what most commentators suspect, UNABLE TO CONTEND with the superior force of US/NATO. I suspect the first answer to be the more accurate as both powers are fully nuclear armed and capable of sophisticated space and digital warfare.

It is a KNOWN that the USA will not cease its military expansionism, in fact it is accelerating its Imperial policy, it must be STOPPED by external forces. We are also aware that the USA is a COWARDLY bully nation that only picks fights with much weaker nations. A joint pre-emptive, full-theatre/comprehensive strike by Russia and China would see the end of continental America and Western Europe and while the retaliatory response from the USA would cause serious damage, the Asian region as a whole, which extends down to Australia, would easily survive!

So take an educated guess on Iran and be aware of a mocking comment once made by a NATO official when asked a question about a possible Russian response in support of traditional ally Yugoslavia, “what can Russia do,” implying NOTHING? That statement has now become an accurate historical REALITY and we can be sure that COWARDS and aggressive bullies do not change their spots!

Opposition from China and Russia, don’t make me laugh – we ALL learned as children that ACTION speaks louder than words -- woof woof, yelp yelp!

A good military commander faced with superior force is able to stand that force down with a REAL threat that cannot be ignored – but character, spine, superior strategy and gamesmanship are lacking in the armed forces these days. China and Russia should take note of the recent US indefinite detention law that was designed to place the US military above all other regulatory powers. It is high time the military took complete control of Russia and China – delays caused by vacillating politicians could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

From one soldier to another, I salute my comrades in arms, they know to whom I speak.

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