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The US has NO MORAL or LEGAL authority over ANYONE
by gan Thursday, Jan 5 2012, 7:37pm
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In the wake of puppet president Obama's signing into 'law' the indefinite detention provision included in the NDAA Bill, the question that should be asked is not, "what'll we do now?" BUT rather whether the world's leading law breaking, civilian killing, warring, thieving/plundering, therefore TERRORIST NATION, has any authority over the GLOBAL MORAL MAJORITY? The DEFINITIVE and absolute answer to that pertinent question is, NO -- none whatsoever!

political and military puppets and ....
political and military puppets and ....

So America, Obama and the nefarious Banking and Corporate elites that seek to enslave the entire world -- BLOW IT OUT YOUR ARSE!

WE ARE FREE by virtue of our inalienable human rights, notwithstanding our superior skills which will prove to be YOUR nemesis.

In a soon to be universal war cry,

WE are MANY -- We are ONE -- We are UNSTOPPABLE!

AND we shall see you ALL hang for your heinous crimes, you geriatric, retarded, criminal lamers. Got the situation under control, have we? Sure 'we' have. ROFLMFAO!

The wrong approaches ALWAYS result in disastrous outcomes, you MORONS!


Salutations to all Freedom Fighters throughout the WORLD and greetz to the digital vanguard -- in UNITY of PURPOSE OUR VICTORY resides. We are ONE!

the bankers who control them!  America is now a Corporate, Banker-run State
the bankers who control them! America is now a Corporate, Banker-run State


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