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Obama: Gutless, Lackey, Puppet
by staff report via gan - RT Tuesday, Jan 3 2012, 5:47am
international / social/political / other press

After four straight years of flagrant policy reversals and pursuing the neocon agenda, puppet president Obama has become a known quantity; not only to the disappointed and disillusioned American population but to the entire WORLD.


This is the president that promised to end the wars, close Gitmo, end torture and restore the nation. He has done everything but; so much for political promises and the integrity of the presidency!

The lobotomised local population may accept such flagrant policy reversals as normal -- their reward for acquiescence is indefinite detention on suspicion without trial or charge, passed into LAW. However, the international community expects more, at least a semblance of 'INTEGRITY.

The following interview tells it as it is -- this black (unfortunately) lackey SLAVE to the criminal ruling elites is a reprehensible COWARD, pure and simple; anyone that votes for a LYING, duplicitous COWARD deserves everything they get! Vote for anyone before Obama, the junk yard dog, they couldn't do worse than this duplicitous, tap-dancing, sell-out, coward!


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end of the line
by san Tuesday, Jan 3 2012, 10:16am

No Republican President could have signed indefinite detention on suspicion into Law without a vigorous social reaction. Obama has used his entire store of credibility serving his criminal masters rather than the people that voted him into office; I would be surprised if he is supported by the elites for a second term.

The same applies to serving 'door mat' Oz PM, Juliar Gillard -- she served the banks by imposing a Carbon Tax on the nation and allowed Transnational Corporations to build -- via their military arm -- 5 full scale (nuclear armed) US military bases on Oz soil, in order to protect their commercial 'interests' and have a platform from which to attack or 'contain' China.

But more importantly is the signing into LAW of the indefinite detention bill by puppet Obama. Viewed in perspective that draconian LAW indicates that the US and the forces that control it have reached the end of the line. It is all down hill from there.

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