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John Howard Receives Merit Award from Queen of England
by stele Monday, Jan 2 2012, 8:34pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Former Australian PM and member of the coalition of willing criminals that invaded Iraq on a pack of lies and deceit, John ‘aluminium tubing’ Howard, has been awarded the Order of Merit by the Queen of England, whose family has even more innocent blood on their hands than the coalition of willing criminals that illegally invaded Iraq!

War criminal John Howard with the Queen
War criminal John Howard with the Queen

This absurd exercise of complicit criminals and sociopaths ‘honouring’ each other -- recall Bill ‘Iraqi child killer’ Clinton awarding Tony ‘psychopath’ Blair and moron Bush also awarding John Howard -- is an extremely FEEBLE attempt to re-write history and portray criminals as heroes.

Forensic historians have recently put an enduring myth to rest and proven that Cleopatra was murdered by the reigning Roman Emperor who wished to portray his crime as a suicide. The point I make is that so much evidence exists today of the REAL CRIMINAL character of modern politicians that no future forensic historian would be required to determine the FACTUAL unfolding of events.

However, there is value from the legal perspective of all these mutual back-slaps by the criminally liable; each complicit party clearly identifies and further compromises themselves as the heinous criminals they actually are!

History will not overlook the FACTS regarding Bush, Blair and Howard; not even the most radical data control by CIA/Google and others could effectively eliminate the TRUTH from the HISTORICAL RECORD.

The brazenly illegal invasion of Iraq is noted by historians as the first civilian HOLOCAUST of the 21st century with over one million innocent civilians murdered, an act that will FOREVER brand Bush, Blair and Howard as heinous war criminals!

If any of these cowardly scoundrels had a shred of decency and honour they would surrender themselves to the courts, confess their crimes and take their punishment – by so doing they would meet their maker with at least a contrite conscience and a vestige of honour! But we all know the 'stuff' of which these scumbags are made!

The relevant and critically important issue REMAINS; what legacy would our generation leave for our kids and what type of world would we allow them to inherit – one run by brazen criminal filth or one in which CIVILISED law, justice and honour are observed. The decision rests squarely with the current generation.


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