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Modern Russia, always after the Fact!
by Vladimir Radyuhin via ryall - The Hindu via ICH Friday, Dec 30 2011, 10:58pm
international / injustice/law / other press

It really is becoming tiresome reading the ceaseless bleating of gelded Russian leaders today. Stating the obvious in relation to the Libyan travesty now -- that the primary objective of US/NATO forces in Libya was regime change and resource theft – in other words, the murder of Col.Gaddafi, the installation of a puppet regime and the establishment of a western connected Reserve Bank “with governor,” in order to impose debt slavery on a once debt free nation and then steal everything worth taking!

Putin, spineless and criminally corrupt
Putin, spineless and criminally corrupt

The Libyan intervention was clearly a planned criminal enterprise from the start. As such it should be dealt with by the Hague puppet Courts, which would legally exonerate all western players from any wrong-doing and pursue anyone that didn't acquiesce to the imperial ambitions of Western Banking/Financial and Corporate elites.

It has become evident that modern Russia, with its CRIMINALLY CORRUPT LEADERS, is but a shadow of the former Soviet Union. The USSR would have intervened immediately after the illegal NATO assassination attempt on Gaddafi, which resulted instead in the murder of Gaddafi’s son and three young grandchildren, all under the age of twelve -- and that notwithstanding the suppressed (after 26,000 bombing sorties) FINAL civilian death toll.

The Libyan campaign was CLEARLY a criminal enterprise wearing the very tattered disguise of a ‘humanitarian intervention;’ making noises of protestation after the fact (western takeover) is futile, unless of course Russia wishes to VIGOROUSLY pursue the matter -- what happened Vlad, did you get short changed on the oil spoils?

It is clear that US/NATO was targeting Gaddafi for death and committed heinous and very obvious crimes in its failed attempts -- ACTION in the form of immediate intervention to protect the civilian population was warranted. The USSR would NOT have HESITATED – a full scale military intervention would have been JUSTIFIED by LAW and under UN mandates BUT the gelded, criminal Russian leadership maintained their passive attitude to Western criminal elites, as they did in the Balkans.

The obvious conclusion is that today’s Russian leadership is NOT part of the solution BUT part of the corrupt, criminal PROBLEM!

Report from The Hindu follows:

U.S. Behind Deliberate Murder of Gaddafi: Russia
by Vladimir Radyuhin

Russia has accused the United States and NATO of large-scale violations of human rights during the military operation in Libya, including the deliberate murder of its leader Muammar Gaddafi and the killing of hundreds of civilians.

NATO forces “made the overthrow and murder of the Colonel their main goal,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in its first report on the state of human rights in the world.

Citing unnamed sources, the report said the order to liquidate Gaddafi was given to U.S., French and British commandos. The Russian Foreign Ministry details numerous instances of mass killings of hundreds of civilians and destruction of infrastructure in NATO bombing raids in Libya.

The U.S. is the main target of the Russian report, which also criticises the human rights record in Britain, Canada, Finland, the Baltic States and Georgia.

Russia took President Barack Obama to task for his failure to shut the “odious” prison at Guantanamo Bay and accused the White House of sheltering officials guilty of torture.

“The situation in the United States is a far cry from the ideals proclaimed by Washington,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in a 90-page report posted on its website.

“Old systemic problems of American society are growing more serious, including racial discrimination, xenophobia, overcrowded prisons, unjustified capital punishment, including the execution of innocent people, imperfect electoral system and corruption, ” said the report.


The report was released as Moscow hardened its rhetoric against the U.S. on such issues as missile defence and interference in Russian internal affairs. The new head of the Russian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, Alexei Pushkov, said the “reset” in Russian-U.S. relations had come to an end.

“The U.S. had desisted from discussing the domestic situation in Russia as part of the ‘reset'. Clinton violated this tacit agreement,” said Mr. Pushkov. “I think we have entered a phase when the U.S. will no longer show restraint towards Russia.”

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Gaddafi, summarily executed
Gaddafi, summarily executed

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