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Cringing Americans would rather Eat Shit than Take a Stand and Save Themselves
by skip Tuesday, Dec 27 2011, 8:59pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

The fear controlled, action paralyzed, intellectually bereft, great American white 'rat' would rather be foreclosed, genitally groped, paid a pittance, bailout rich criminals, accept the Nazi indefinite detention act, be stripped of almost EVERY RIGHT the population enjoyed only a decade past, THAN TAKE A STAND against the CLEARLY criminal Corporate and Banker elites that have hijacked their democracy/government/NATION!

Fed chairman, Bernanke and Ron Paul
Fed chairman, Bernanke and Ron Paul

Can it get any worse than corporate owned, CORRUPT politicians legislating indefinite detention without trial or charge on SUSPICION, without impartial oversight or a provision to challenge accusers in a public court of law? Who is watching the CRIMINAL watchers; the president is not God the Bankers and Corporatists he serves are!

Who is going to put an end to the criminal Banker/Corporate permanent war doctrine and lunatic PNAC agenda? Certainly NOT the fear-ridden, paralyzed, quivering population, that is clear! I am reminded of TS Elliotís famous last line, in the Hollow Men, ďThis is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.Ē Well, that prophetic line certainly applies to American society -- are writers/artists the only group in society with vision and foresight? George Orwell was not a prophet he simply interpreted patterns from existing trends/behaviors and warned society in advance that if it wasnít ACTIVELY VIGILANT in maintaining its hard won Freedoms they would be stolen by the same forces that always seek to enslave and control. Itís as simple as 2+2 yet the herd cannot see or are deaf to the warnings of poets, writers and others able to see clearly!

Non-Americans are astounded that the bastion of Liberty and Democracy is rapidly approaching a fascist, totalitarian State; surely no population could be that dumb or fear-stricken? It is enshrined in the American Constitution that the PEOPLE are CHARGED with the LEGAL POWER to remove ALL criminally corrupt forces from government by force of ARMS if necessary! But has one criminal Banker/Corporatist or puppet politician received their just reward between the eyes? NO, not one! A nation almost fully armed but not able to utilize those arms in the manner intended by our forefathers.

My peers often remark, Ďit canít get any worseí -- they have been bleating that crap for over a decade while conditions deteriorate by the day! I predict it will get much worse simply due to the nature of the forces that currently control the State AND the staggeringly stupid, SPINELESS, ACQUIESCENCE of the POPULATION.

I am not a fatalist or determinist I believe in remedial ACTION/intervention where it is clearly warranted and am acutely aware of the consequences if URGENT remedial action is NOT taken. My advice to lost Americans is EAT SHIT AND LEARN TO LIKE IT, coz it ainít gonna improve, unless you take ACTION to improve the horrendous situation in which you now find yourselves!

Iíll give you a hint; it canít get any worse than voting for either corrupt major Party, so take a chance and VOTE for RON PAUL, and if the cartels attempt to subvert his presidency apply the many anti-terrorist laws against them and lock the assholes up for life; BETTER STILL hang the criminal bastards! Your Freedom is only a modicum of bravery and a VOTE away, dreamboats!


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new American social phenomenon
by skinner Thursday, Dec 29 2011, 10:36pm

it seems the more the American population is abused, the more abuse they will take -- pathetic! Whip 'em, whip those lamers good!

Anonymous, concentrate your resources on HACKING and compromising the criminal elites; let the political commentary take second place.

Growing Armies of HACKERS are a tangible, highly effective, FORCE!

Political discourse falls on deaf ears and paralyzed spines -- the most effective statement you can make is HACK! The criminal elites fear growing armies of ANONYMOUS HACKERS more than any other force on the planet -- FACT! Today's ruling (not for long) elites are luddites, we OWN the wire!

We are MANY -- We are ONE -- WE are UNSTOPPABLE!

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