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Social Tipping Point
by buddy Friday, Dec 23 2011, 11:05pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

A certain meridian of time, soon to be crossed, will open the world into a new social reality; one in which antiquated structures go 'wobbly' and begin to crumble, indicating the collapse of an outmoded system doomed to utter failure but also opening an opportunity for a completely new social reality; one based on mutual cooperation, harmony and peace not permanent war, conflict, mass murder and criminal enterprise.

Criminal ruling elites are beginning to lose their tenuous grip on the masses, their current media tricks are failing to adequately 'manage' and steer society in desired directions.

The time fast approaches when the ENTIRE global population will wake to the criminal reality they have been forced to live in and to the cruel injustices they have suffered for no GOOD reason.

Indeed, that time is upon us, as is clearly indicated by the desperation of the tactics ruling elites are now employing; the imposition of austerity programs and absurd, economically OPPRESSIVE (carbon) taxes; violence in the form of insane, provocative laws like indefinite detention without charge or trial on SUSPICION or the increase in targeted assassinations (state sanctioned murder) and mysterious disappearances (renditions).

Symptomatic of the social disconnect elites are currently suffering is the appalling antics of the US Secretary of State; referring to the cruel inhumane proxy murder of Col. Gaddafi, Hillary Clinton laughed and gloated on national TV stating that, "we came, we saw, he died," which not only openly displayed her sociopathology for all to see but also clearly admitted guilt for the proxy murder; the world was appalled! We could add to that lunatic outburst the statement made by puppet president Obama in a press conference at the time, 'the US achieved its CRIMINAL objectives of regime change and resource THEFT in Libya without placing troops on the ground' -- not a difficult task if NATO flies 26,000 bombing missions and known murdering Islamist killers are hired to do the job on the ground while corrupted international criminal courts turn a blind eye and other international laws/conventions are ignored! Obama's scripted bragging also disgusted a socially aware world and clearly indicated the degree to which elites are DIVORCED from the prevailing social REALITY.

Ruling elites are now in panic mode, make no mistake; the sheer desperation of the now legislated indefinite detention provision in the military defence spending Bill, which obviously includes rendition and torture, is evidence of the fact.

However, the tragedy for the elites is that everything their fifth-rate advisors and consultants advise them to do has either been pre-empted or seeded into their consciousness with clever and subtle psychological tactics -- elites are actually creating the social forces which will overthrow and probably eradicate them from the face of the earth!

A devastating, nameless, untraceable, INVISIBLE opposition grows STRONGER by the day -- independent cells and emerging groups join the fray even as I write -- a wounded and staggering beast is easy prey to superior skills and tactics.

A new year's message to the criminal elites: do your best but be aware that if you resort in desperation to the ultimate shock tactic of a killer plague/virus or another orchestrated, violent, terrorist act, the social unrest and chaos that ensues would also serve other interests and groups that are able to exploit the situation and turn the tide against YOU, you miserable, murdering scum. Do whatever you like, you have been pre-empted at every turn!

20th century mass media and antiquated social manipulation tactics do not 'cut it' in the DIGITAL 21st century, morons; but you knew that or did you? What is your average age again, you bunch of ossified, geriatric clowns?

You will NEVER know the identity of the forces that place the rope around your stinking, murdering, criminal necks; sayonara scumbags!

O, and merry fuckin' Xmas, you criminal retards!

Slave or Free? I am Awake and FREE; I am able to think for myself, stand on my own two feet and accept FULL responsibility for my life and actions without the need for any 'God' to act as a crutch. All religious texts were written by MEN (elitists) -- are YOU sure you are really AWAKE?

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