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Rats Display Empathy and Pro-Social Behaviour
by james - Huff Post Saturday, Dec 17 2011, 9:21am
international / social/political / other press

The University of Chicago recently published the results of experiments which verify that rodents display more empathetic behaviour than modern Americans.


Behaviourists have scientifically demonstrated that rats display more concern and empathy for their companions in distress than do modern humans -- a not surprising result!

The experiment verified that rats preferred to free trapped and distressed companions rather than SELFISHLY gorge themselves on a favourite food, chocolate.

The fact that rodents display CONCERN for their fellows and would rather forgo a selfish indulgence than allow a distressed companion to suffer is no surprise at all; what is surprising is that modern Americans disregard the shocking suffering their nation inflicts on the rest of the world in order to satisfy their PATHOLOGICAL lust for money, resources and power.

Americans are willing to tolerate the most horrendous crimes against humanity, including the mass murder of women and CHILDREN (Iraq) in order to keep the price of gas low. They are willing to ignore the daily slaughter of innocent human beings -- termed "bugsplat" by the CIA and Pentagon -- in criminal Drone strikes around the globe. The American people have passively accepted the legalisation of TORTURE and indefinite detention without the right to trial. Americans have demonstrated they would destroy entire nations in order to satisfy their insatiable greed. A failed global economy and runaway climate change are clear indications of the destructive perversity and socio-pathology of modern, selfish, corporate America.

The international community is on high alert; it has become aware that America is not a nation it is a DISEASE that must be eliminated if the human species and indeed the planet, is to survive.

Of all the doctrines at one's disposal, America consciously chose to pursue PERMANENT WAR and spread mayhem, destruction, unimaginable suffering and human misery around the globe.

It seems that modern SELFISH Americans have much to learn from selfless rats!

It should be noted that social animals, including rodents and human beings, (should) instinctively assist each other in times of distress. Instincts ensure the continuity and survival of the species and we all know that rats are supreme survivors. It shouldn't come as any surprise to learn that social species that diverge from mutual assistance and cooperation are doomed and face possible extinction.

The entire world will soon face the stark reality that there can be no enduring peace or global stability while America exists; we all know what we must do in order to live in a peaceful, harmonious and SUSTAINABLE WORLD, obliterate the United States and every American on the planet! [One does not reason or compromise with a malignant, aggressive cancer!]

[Do your 5th rate best backgrounding this one (Google) Eric Schmidt, ya big Fairy!]

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