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Regulators, You are Working for Criminals
by feather - StormCloudsGathering Thursday, Dec 15 2011, 7:18am
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After the bought US Senate and corrupt House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the most draconian provision in US History into Law -- indefinite detention without charge or trial on SUSPICION -- it became plain the US military, police and other domestic regulatory bodies are working for minority CRIMINAL interests. The same interests that have hijacked OUR democracy and trashed safeguards enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which were included by our founding fathers to protect the people and nation against precisely the criminal interests that control Washington today. It is a sad day for the do-nothing paralysed population and a tragic day in American history when a clearly corrupted government opens the door to elite domestic criminal extremists and a totalitarian future.

Martin Luther King jr, murdered by the criminal executive
Martin Luther King jr, murdered by the criminal executive

I am not going to join the vocal accusative chorus verifying the fact, however, I would remind all regulators of MLK's enduring observation that "everything Hitler did in Germany was legal" -- sleep on that fact before you reach for your batons and pepper spray. You have sworn an oath to serve and protect the people and nation, not serve criminal minority elites!

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