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Diamond Eye
by sadh Wednesday, Dec 14 2011, 3:55pm
international / theology / article

A short paper on the hidden meaning behind some symbolism in the Old Testament and other Biblical writings.

Before proceeding it is imperative that we first address ALL ‘sacred’ texts in the context in which they were/are produced.

You will note I am writing as a scribe in the context of a tribal/national culture using language specific to that culture. I am bound by culture-specific formalities, signs, symbols and structure. As a modern scribe I am not mystified by the tools of my trade, no more than a painter is by the colours on his palette.

Language consists of loaded signs/symbols that allude, depending on con-text, to the intended meaning or message. So it is that one must read symbols and signs according to their culture-specific meaning -- be aware that meaning is not debatable or up for interpretive ‘grabs’ or conjecture, regardless of how abstract or vague a ‘sacred’ text APPEARS to be. All 'sacred' texts contain very clear messages -- indeed, once one becomes familiar with specific 'linguistic' styles, meaning almost leaps off the page.

Now to the Old Testament and Genesis; a text laden in symbolism, signs and allusions which reveal SPECIFIC MEANINGS not fanciful or literal misinterpretations:

We note almost immediately in GENESIS a SERPENT and a FRUIT-bearing TREE are introduced into the narrative. Two protagonists Adam and Eve (representing polarity) and an antagonist, Jehovah are also introduced. Jehovah is immediately identified as a sociopathic, didactic, authoritarian law giver of the ‘shall’ and ‘shall not’ simplistic school of authoritarianism; note that the antagonist is not at all a likable character; He threatens all manner of calamity and vile curses if ‘his’ (priests/scribes/tribal leader’s) laws/demands are not followed to the letter.

This uncompromising, psychopathic ‘control freak’ DEMANDS complete obedience and subservience from his ‘servants.’ His modes of operation are VIOLENT, THREATENING, and FEAR/PUNISHMENT based. [What are the characteristics of the cultures that subscribe to this God today?]

However, the above is the exoteric aspect of the story for the uninitiated masses. [For] aware, enlightened beings that fear no God, man or thing, there is the intended meaning, as is very clearly transmitted through the symbolic lexicons of the time.

Note that in the historical period (as now) the Serpent represents secret and wonderful knowledge/power. The serpent in the story is located in a TREE as distinct from the ground, where one would expect to locate a snake. In the given context the tree and serpent refer not to a plant or snake but to certain somatic and psychological components of the human being – ALL religious texts are human NOT 'divine' stories.

The somatic (physical) aspect is the spinal cord, brain, plexuses/ganglia and central nervous system (trees) and the serpent refers to the neural current or dynamic force that moves in the nervous system – Adam and Eve here represent the polar currents of that dynamic/living force. The relative ‘upward and downward’ directions of that force are given qualitative characteristics. The reader will note the tree is also adorned with ‘fruit,’ which refers to the endocrine system, especially the gonads.

To jump ahead, the Rabbi Jesus is known to have healed the ‘blind,’ and to have made the ‘dead live’, there’s a very strong hint in the same symbolic language of the New Testament; Jesus in the process of healing a ‘blind’ man asks whether the man is able to see; the person responds, “I see men as TREES walking,” a very curious statement for drongos but one that verifies the continuity of the text for the aware. ‘Seeing’ here denotes enlightenment, the blind are the ignorant and the sighted are the aware. Trees do not walk but men (with central nervous systems adorned with endocrine fruit) do!

In reading/decoding ANY sacred or religious text be aware that the stories are about man, they cannot be anything but, as nothing exists outside human experience. If you want answers look to yourself, within you is the doorway to eternity and all answers to all questions.

‘Sacred’ texts speak of the means to that knowledge and the pitfalls of failure. Now in the context of man, what are the physical polarities of the cerebro–spinal system? Yes, the brain at the top and the genitals at the other end.

Neural or ‘serpent’ force, which promises all knowledge, is expended largely by the brain and genitals, think (without guilt) about it. If you wish to gain knowledge the serpentine force should be allowed to travel to the brain, however, if the force is squandered via over-indulgence or sensual abuse, the brain is deprived -- and you wonder why 90% of the population, faced with constant titillating stimuli from today's mass media, are mindless morons -- hence, as in all historical periods, the truly enlightened are very few indeed; awareness or enlightenment requires a certain cultivated mental discipline, attitude or ‘poise,’ which escapes the slovenly, slothful, sensual, over-indulgent, indolent, lazy and fearful.

Give yourself a chance, an opportunity to fulfil your full potential and allow the serpentine nerve current, which is generated spontaneously, to reach the pineal/pinnacle (such fruit is worthy of the few) in the brain.

And remember, there are no Gods but man.


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