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by sadh Saturday, Dec 10 2011, 9:05am
international / personal development / literature


mantra is expressed via the Word,
intonation and repetition;
its power originates
or is derived from Consciousness.

no-one knows the true name of God
to intone it would imbue the intoner
with all the power associated with that name/Word.

when certain tones merge,
and resonate they form
unique three dimensional presentations
which we name and identify
as ‘form/reality’

when certain tones are combined in unusual
sequences and repeated
the vibrations produced are able to
dissolve previous presentations and offer
alternate realities
relative to the particular sequence intoned.

by correctly intoning the pranava A U M,
obstacles that b(l)ind us
and prevent clarity --
seeing things as they are
not as they appear -- are removed
and we begin to experience
the Freshness that is characteristic of
continuous (infinite) creation.

the everyday ‘world’ dissolves
leaving in its wake
formless and continuous
Light –
light is simply visual sound
colours are variations in resonance.

mantra does not create light
it simply reveals it by
removing the obstacles that
prevent us from seeing/
hearing and experiencing
alternate realities

by repeating certain ‘sacred’ word sequences
in unusual ways we are able to directly
affect our environment/reality/consciousness.

if you discover the real name of God
and intone it, you become God.

Existence issued from a primordial
sound vibration Word or Logos
and continues through space as
vibratory energy.

the amount of energy available in the ‘beginning’
is equal to that which remains at the ‘end;’
nothing is gained or lost; however,
vibratory patterns differ
with each new emanation.

the universe is essentially sound/light
and can be experienced as such;

‘reality’ is modified according to
certain sound/word sequences.

That, in essence, is
the science of Mantra.

[my Guru revealed these things,
my Guru is God – A U M]

The initial sound vibration responsible for producing the phenomenological universe continues today (and forever) and may be ‘heard’ by tuning the mind to that sound.

By focusing the mind internally and attentively listening, a range of sounds become ‘audible.’

As sensitivity develops various sound progressions are ‘heard’ until they all culminate in the Pranava A U M, the ‘sound’ (vibration) from which all other sound vibrations – including ‘matter’ -- emanate.

It is quite astonishing how intense these internal sounds become during nada (sound/vibration) meditation; they begin as faint murmurs and develop into almost deafening roars like the sound of mountain waterfalls combined with the sound of giant cymbals, bells and the constant underlying 'Hum' of existence.

Nada (sound) Yoga is a very pleasant and practical method of integration for this 'modern' age of distractions, as sound is far more tangible and easier for the mind to apprehend than visualisations/images.

Remember, God does not play hide and seek, infinity is immediate and readily accessible; your very first meditation will reap rewards. I urge everyone to explore the fertile fields to which nada meditation grants access. Mastery in this Yoga enables the adept to literally move mountains. Do not forget that everything has a distinct vibratory signature; understanding and applying resonances gives mastery over everything including gravity but more on that in another paper!

Om Tat Sat

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