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The United States of Hypocrisy
by judd Wednesday, Dec 7 2011, 9:51pm
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Flagrant double standards and brazen hypocrisy have reduced America's reputation, credibility and moral standing in the world to ZERO. The US Senate with an overwhelming bi-partisan majority recently passed a Bill which included provision for Indefinite detention without trial or charge on SUSPICION! This outrageous thought crime Bill was first introduced by Obama as "preventative detention," so it is CLEAR Washington is following an AGENDA -- the question that urgently requires an answer is, whose agenda is Washington following because it is obvious that government ceased representing the interests of the Democratic Majority decades past?

Welcome to the United States of Torture, Indefinite Detention on SUSPICION, permanent war, military expansionism, resource theft, mass murder of civilians and suppression of the domestic population. Let's call it what it is -- CRIMINAL STATE, CRIMINAL NATION; criminals have clearly taken control of the nation.

Whose agenda? Whose DEMOCRACY?

The Constitution demands that we RESTORE OUR NATION TO DEMOCRACY and ERADICATE minority criminal rule, by force of arms if necessary. Bankers and Corporatists certainly do NOT represent the best interests of the people, nation or PLANET.

The criminal enemy is KNOWN, the REMEDY is known and legally SANCTIONED by the Constitution.

The people are not only justified they are OBLIGATED to restore THEIR nation.

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