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Hacked: America 'Loses' High Tech Drone Over Iran
by Kismo Wednesday, Dec 7 2011, 12:39am
international / mass media / commentary

It was only “a matter of time” before original team member, nano’s seminal paper on the subject became REALITY. It seems the US has ‘lost’ one of its most ‘sophisticated’ (a relative term, Jethro) stealth, surveillance UAV Drones over Iranian air space; what a tragedy for fascist America and what a boon for the FREE WORLD.

RQ-170 Surveillance Drone
RQ-170 Surveillance Drone

The sloppily ‘secured’ RQ-170’s self-destruct technologies failed to activate or were easily circumvented and now the aircraft (complete) is in the hands of ‘others!’ Technologies on board the ‘sophisticated’ aircraft, reversed engineered and improved by digital elites, promise to deliver a fatal blow to the rustic dunces and avaricious pigs in Washington, London and Western Europe – you were all warned but failed to abandon your evil ways – you should be aware of the old adage, ‘show a pig a trough and you have it;’ you fell for meaningless, easily obtained MONEY instead! So NOW you will pay the REAL price for your mass murdering, destructive, thieving pursuits, you unspeakably VILE, CRIMINAL FILTH!

Contrary to US reports that implied the aircraft was shot down, it was instead safely landed after its controls had been digitally compromised; and therein is an example of the new digital theatre of war that will determine the final Victory for autonomous, stateless, elite hacking crews over the nefarious, criminal, mass murdering, scum that have very temporarily hijacked our world.

Your CIA-Google and Facebook etc snares only capture morons – we do not exist, nor can any pattern recognition (DOTS) software detect us! Remember the core rule of ALL digital warriors, “ANONYMITY IS POWER!”

An entire underground of highly skilled and aware individuals has developed since the writing of nano’s seminal paper – and as obtaining funds is child’s play for these new crews they are beyond corruption AND intimidation, as they have also been trained by senior members whom you cruelly tortured, abused and then cast to the dogs BUT who somehow survived to return and haunt you NOW!

Please indulge my boyish glee as it is only a matter of time before all military satellite systems are compromised -- less skilled (by the day) operators maintaining/‘securing’ these systems can do NOTHING to prevent what they cannot see! OUR methods and approaches are truly creative, inspiring and of course, invisible to morons.

With increased consciousness and ability comes increased humanity and responsibility for the less fortunate, NOT the cruel abuse, vandalism, chaos, theft, bullying and permanent war characteristic of the criminal cabals. The Banking and Corporatist criminal cabals behind all the death and destruction occurring today are known to us and are ALL marked for elimination, as any CANCEROUS DISEASE on a healthy social organism would be.

Be assured, the criminal cabals AND their lying, deceptive puppet politicians are ALL marked for PUBLIC TRIALS and will be justly sentenced according to the nature of the horrendous crimes they have committed against humanity.

Have no illusions in that regard; the Corporate controlled media and ‘entertainment’ industry is one big DISTRACTION/DECEPTION machine, as is the incredibly LAME, passive, DEVOID of DIRECTION and ACTION, manufactured, Occupy ‘movement’ of today.

In STARK contrast to the above orchestrated and managed ‘movements’, the digital underground is highly FOCUSED, DEDICATED, PURPOSEFUL, COOPERATIVE and SUPREMELY PRO-ACTIVE; WE, every man, woman, youth, and genius child who have gained membership via their digital skills, ARE WARRIORS!

We FIGHT the good fight and wage the JUST war against the most nefarious human filth that has ever inhabited the earth -- as ‘nano’ stated some YEARS back, a $20 keyboard in the hands of an elite “Uber Warrior” is the most effective weapon that exists today – how true, as the publicly demonstrated safe landing of the ‘sophisticated', dunce controlled, RQ-170 surveillance Drone indicates.

In conclusion I would put to rest the "evil genius" myth -- there is no such thing as an ‘evil genius’, with true genius comes true humanity, responsibility and LOVE for all life, especially consideration for the less fortunate. Evil is as evil does and there is nothing more mysterious to it.


No-one is EVERYONE – WE are ONE – We are MANY – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

Congressman Kucinich Speaks Sense -- it's a tragedy that the majority of Americans reject Reason



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