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Reprehensible, Ungodly, Criminal Obama
by reed Monday, Nov 28 2011, 10:05pm
international / human rights / commentary

First let me state plainly that Obama is a willing servile puppet of the financial and corporate ruling elites; he was/is the second choice option for the office of president – you would remember first choice, Colin Powell, who declined the offer for personal reasons.

'more than you'll ever know'
'more than you'll ever know'

Now to second choice Obama, a former community organiser and proven mass murderer, criminal.

Sometimes one verifiable example or revelation is enough to remove all doubts as to the actuality of a situation or the character of an individual.

Obama, sincerely or otherwise, publicly makes much of his love for his two daughters, “more love than you will ever know,” are his actual words! Indeed it is both a natural and very human response to exhibit genuine love and concern for children, particularly one’s own; however, this same man is able to approve criminal Drone strikes that murder countless innocent children in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa – does not Obama imagine that those INNOCENT children are also loved and their profit driven senseless murders create unimaginable suffering and loss for their parents and relatives? Yes, a man of his intelligence and social awareness knows exactly the consequences of his actions?

How would Obama feel if his daughters were killed for the gain of financial and corporate elites? What price a child's or one of YOUR daughter’s lives, Barack?

The Christian Saviour once likened his Kingdom of Heaven to a child, is there a more elevating comparison anywhere in the entire historical record of humankind? Christ severely admonished those that mistreated children and metaphorically described severe consequences for child abusers, how much more for child killers like Barack Obama and his Banker and Corporate masters?

By tolerating Obama’s reprehensible and frankly evil behaviour we become complicit in his crimes and share in his guilt to the exact same proportion as incurred by his criminal actions, make no mistake! In that sense it is very unfortunate indeed that we live in a Democracy!

[Innocent civilian deaths DIRECTLY caused by American instigated wars since Vietnam now number in the MILLIONS -- research the figures for yourselves. Today that horrendous toll continues to RISE simply because we allow KNOWN CHILD KILLERS, psychopaths, rogues and criminals to lord over us without DIRECT opposition!]

Senator Gravel, the US is "Immoral!"

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