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More Infantile antics from the Australian Labor Party
by bluey Saturday, Nov 26 2011, 9:53pm
international / social/political / commentary

Between the two of them, Gillard and Rudd, there won’t be much left of the ALP or Australia for that matter! Washington door mat, Juliar ‘Goldman Tax’ Gillard, by signing off on an unprecedented F-I-V-E full scale US military bases, which the yanks can build any time they wish, has UNNECESSARILY (that’s the issue) made Australia a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET in the event of an American provoked (10 years of CRIMINAL warfare) conflict with China, brilliant!

Rudd and Gillard
Rudd and Gillard

Now we have pathological narcissist Kevin ‘hairdryer’ Rudd, an ‘ex’ do-nothing PM and current bereft of all rationality foreign minister, who is on RECORD for urging and promoting a MILITARY ATTACK on CHINA, our most important and largest trading partner, playing pay-back on Gillard -- this man is not only thoroughly INCOMPETENT he is clearly unbalanced and dangerous; would someone in the Party please give him a hand-mirror as a distraction and then boot him permanently OUT of government!

For Pete’s sake, Rudd’s latest INFANTILE exhibition of sour grapes revenge tactics on Gillard are compromising the entire nation, as if Gillard hasn’t already done enough in that regard – what a deadly duo!

Today’s ALP is clearly the most incompetent, destructive and DANGEROUS government Oz has ever had to endure -- no competent REAL politician would have passed up the chance to play the middle with America and China in this region.

Rudd and Gillard appear incapable of keeping their private squabbles out of the public and INTERNATIONAL eye – Oz has been an international laughing stock since John Howard inserted his COWARDLY head up Bush’s arse; however, the destructive antics and stupidity of Gillard and Rudd far exceed Howard's spineless and unimaginative efforts.

The plain reality is that Oz is situated in the most strategically and economically important zone in the WORLD today and not ONE of our BEREFT of talent politicians is ABLE TO CAPITALISE on the situation, unbelievable!

In the circumstances Gillard’s ‘door-matting’ to Washington was/is a blunder of monumental proportions on many levels, notwithstanding a future competent leader would reverse her destructive decisions. Oz could easily exploit the situation in its own best interests by playing a NEUTRAL role as mediator, broker, bridge between East and West, but nooo, we have a bunch of NO-HOPERS on BOTH sides of politics and a sodomite for an alternative Greens leader, whose main political objective seems to be legalising gay marriage in order to somehow legitimise the abhorrence of his poop-pushing life style. I mean fair fuckin’ go, what’s this NATION coming to?

Take a long hard look at the three of them, 'Carbon Sachs' Gillard, 'poop-pusher' Brown and 'attack China' Rudd and the reality of the Labor Party becomes plain, so too the remedial ACTION THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC MUST TAKE in order to save their nation!

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