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Dumb and Dumber -- CIA Spy Networks Compromised in Iran and Lebanon
by ulysses Friday, Nov 25 2011, 8:34am
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Well done, Jethro!

One week after US puppet president Obama threatened and insulted China during a scripted speech delivered to a joint sitting of the AUSTRALIAN Parliament, which also served to demonstrate Washington's COMPLETE domination over the Gillard government, two critically important CIA spy networks in Iran and Lebanon have been comprehensively compromised with the arrest of numerous US agents and operatives -- who continue to spill their guts as I write!


Arrogantly assuming that all Australia is servile to US colonial impositions is a grave error; Juliar Gillard, as most Australians are already aware, represents only her schoolgirl 'door mat' self, regarding attitudes to the USA.

It is clear from recent events in Iran and Lebanon that the US has lost the ability to assess the subtitles of foreign cultures and conduct successful espionage operations abroad. One could attribute this latest failure to the superiority of spy organisations in Iran, however, it is clear that the failure was largely the result of inept and amateurish tactics by CIA spy handlers and senior agents in Virginia; perhaps the new director may have had some bearing on the outcome!

Obama may wish to return to Oz and deliver another arrogant and insular speech but this time from the sails of the Sydney Opera House. In contrast to the political capital, Canberra, local aborigines consider Bennelong Point a place of power.

We would advise that 'Pride, arrogance and blind assertion goeth before the FALL' -- and fall you dumb fuck's MUST!

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