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Syria: here we go again, war crimes by the number
by baz Wednesday, Nov 23 2011, 9:11pm
international / peace/war / commentary

After imposing a UN sanctioned 'no-fly zone,' over Libya, in which NATO did all the flying/bombing/killing with a staggering 26,000 'humanitarian' bombing raids, including undisguised, unsuccessful assassination attempts on Gaddafi's life, the CRIMINAL POWERS are about to impose another 'no-fly' zone over Syria. Have we learnt the new speak yet? "No-fly" means NATO/US does all the flying/bombing and most of the killing.

Libya's civilian infrastructure, which took years to build was completely destroyed by Western military forces so Banking and Corporate elites could enslave and EXPLOIT the nation/population with 'reconstruction' DEBT loaned by the Reserve Banking cabal via its newly established Reserve Bank ('with governor') in Benghazi -- previous to the bombing 'intervention' Libya was a thriving, debt-free nation.

The world, including gutless China and Russia, ALLOWED the Libyan travesty to occur without opposition, so Syria watch out, the criminal elites have you targeted for slavery. The Russian naval presence is a feign, plain reality dictates that Moscow, like every other major capital is a bought, corrupt entity.

The greatest tragedy, however, is not the universal acceptance/normalisation of war crimes and overt civilian killing murder by western superpowers or the wanton destruction and enslavement of once independent sovereign nations, though those crimes are abhorrent to the extreme, it is the APATHY displayed by the global majority which constitutes the greatest tragedy of our time. And if anyone thinks for a second that complacency in the face of horrific war and other crimes against humanity comes without a price tag, then you would be in for a shock!

What do you imagine these clearly criminal cabals have planned for YOU once they deal with non-complying nations? Resist future autocratic rule and imposed slavery and face eradication! You want proof, open your fuckin' eyes!

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