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The Arab Con and Occupy Ruse
by nano Wednesday, Nov 23 2011, 10:36am
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Readers would have encountered many references to the “Arab Spring” and “Occupy movement” in various media presentations today. What is not widely known however is the FACT that both movements have been cleverly socially engineered by professionals such as OTPOR/Canvas and various agencies – search Youtube for “The Revolution Business” for detailed information.

Ruling elites are not in the position they are in today because they are stupid – never forget it. They must never be underestimated though they are as vulnerable as anyone else. Nevertheless, elites have the advantage of tirelessly pursuing power and social control while the masses remain largely apathetic.

Elites have been fully cognisant of the rising tide of social discontent with the status quo and have developed various strategies to deal with these challenges to their power base.

Rather than allow resistance and social discontent to grow organically and erupt as REAL (transformative) forces for change, elites have cleverly and subtly harnessed and redirected these potentially dangerous (to them) revolutionary energies in predetermined and managed directions.

However, an APPEARANCE of real opposition and discontent must be maintained for effect. Real discontent must be diffused in such a fashion as to give the impression that opposition is occurring when in fact it is only a chimera. Readers will note that the Occupy movement is in REALITY a DO–NOTHING movement; it has no agenda or clear direction, therefore it is INHERENTLY INCAPABLE of EFFECTING REAL CHANGE!

The one characteristic of all ‘Occupy’ manifestations around the country is PASSIVITY to existing ruling authorities. 'Leaders’ (agents) in various Occupy groups that have 'spontaneously' sprung up in myriad locations ensure, through the implementation of various convoluted and ritualistic procedures that any focused energy or real challenge to the status quo is extinguished before it becomes a threat to existing powers.

The Occupy movement is now the world’s first directionless, do-nothing, protest movement.

The best example to date of the ineffectiveness of the Occupy movement is the UC Davis pepper spraying incident in which a dozen student morons sat passively and allowed themselves to be pepper-sprayed by sadistic and brutal police who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the lack of resistance.

Consider for a moment what fills a psychological void created by a no-direction/agenda movement when confronted by appalling brutality. Without a clear target to focus social anger and dissatisfaction on, we are confronted with hopelessness and paralysis, as was clearly demonstrated by the UC Davis protesters.

The dominant message becomes ‘do not challenge authority as these passive sheep have foolishly done, otherwise you too could be subjected to the same treatment or worse!

The entire Occupy protest movement has become a propaganda exercise for existing ruling elites.

Note the Primary discourse here, we have super-weapons, so 'resistance is futile;' it's a LIE but that's the transmitted message on a number of levels -- so-called 'progressive' dyke, lackey, Maddow, is clearly a bought entity. She is plainly NO friend to Freedom and Liberty, as enshrined in the Constitution.

Note the pro-police discourse, from Maddow herself, 'I naturally support police,' and the retired Police Captain interviewed who states that 'we can't win against the police, "guaranteed" -- utter crap! Police are crowd controllers you beat them EASILY by forming highly mobile specialised cells not crowds (except as a diversion), I need not go into detail. This entire segment is pure psywar or a mind control exercise in the constant battle for YOUR mind. Be aware and beware!

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." -- Steve Biko

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