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Criminal Global Banking Cartel Exposed
by Captain Sunday, Nov 20 2011, 9:02pm
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How much more in your face do you want it before you demand action and accountability, people? These criminal cartels, Transnational corporatists included, are behind ALL the wars and economic deprivations of our time -- that amounts to, for those unable to rationally deduce, MASS MURDER! The CFR, Trilaterals and Global Reserve Banking Network is in your face (and arse) and LAUGHING at you/us for remaining inert and PASSIVE in the face of THEIR OVERT criminality!


No longer working behind the scenes these nefarious scoundrels are now openly taking control and enslaving entire nations/states -- Europe has proven (to them) that proxy or puppet leadership is 'unreliable!'

I would add -- for Australian readers -- that Goldman Sachs is one of the principal designers of the Carbon economy/Tax that Oz PM, Juliar Gillard (dutifully serving minority elites NOT the democratic majority) FORCED on the Australian people.

This is NOT conspiracy theory, people, IT'S IN YOUR FACE; even the European mass media have no choice but to run stories which have been in the alternative media for some time, see below:

The CRIME of mass murder, which members of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg group, Reserve Banking/Corporatist cartels AND their puppet POLITICIANS are ALL plainly guilty of, is punishable by DEATH in the USA and life imprisonment in other nations. In fact, every nation and tribal community on earth CLEARLY outlines punitive measures for murderers ranging from death, exiled confinement and life imprisonment.

The culpability of these unspeakable, criminal bastards is beyond doubt. Do YOU now think it TIME to begin hanging this VILE, human vermin or should we join the Occupy 'movement' and DO NOTHING?


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