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Global Criminal Scenario Unfolding Before Our Eyes
by quill Saturday, Nov 19 2011, 7:01am
international / social equality/unity / news report


It has been confirmed by sources from a number of moderate Muslim nations that the CIA and Banker/Corporatist controlled Washington have struck deals with Islamic extremists in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa in order to exploit valuable resources and gain strategic geopolitical advantages.

In exchange for the resource wealth and strategic advantages certain Muslim nations offer, Western Banking and Corporatist elites are willing to sacrifice entire Muslim populations to fundamentalist, extremist, criminal groups in order to achieve their short term goals.

It seems that vile criminal scum from East and West have discovered they have more in common than they previously thought, after all, we are dealing with CONSERVATISM on both sides of the 'fence' and very little separates conservatives of whatever outward hue!

Islamic criminal and extremist groups, which the West once fought and vilified with a passion -- al-Qaeda the Muslim Brotherhood to mention only two -- are now business partners with the CIA and Western mainstream criminal interests! It seems that criminal business chooses its own friends in the end.

The deal is simple, in exchange for a free hand with valuable resources and other strategic advantages, the West hands over complete governmental control to oppressive, sharia fundamentalists -- entire populations are thereby sacrificed for the benefit of the few!

Illegally appropriated Iraq did not offer the necessary requirements for a successful ATTACK on Iran, so influence was exerted on the corrupt Arab League and 'others' in order to gain support/access to the strategic locations required. And if you think that scenario is outrageous then consider the next move on the US criminal agenda, an attack on CHINA supported by the new platform supplied by the 'door mat' Australian government. Only a blind fool would fail to see and comprehend the full implications of the latest sequence of political events!

I have gone to some trouble to verify the information contained in this short report, however, I always urge disbelievers to verify the facts for themselves.

I need not emphasise the costs of allowing criminal organisations to run roughshod over the entire world, it would mean the end of civilisation as we have known it and the dawn of a horror (slave) world to come.

If we allow Western and Eastern criminal organisations to form these unholy alliances, we can expect the absolute worst in the future -- planned attacks on Iran and China could come at a very high price indeed. Russia has its own choice to make and we shall see whether it succumbs to financial temptation.

The unholy criminal alliances forming today constitute the greatest threat to the free people of the world since the time of the Pharaohs.

The Black/White flags are all al-Qaeda; this is who US/NATO are in bed with today. The entire Islamic world is steadily being SACRIFICED -- courtesy of Western criminal Banking/Corporatist elites -- to greedy and corrupt, fanatical, fundamentalist extremists! Criminal minorities are consolidating their hold on the West and East -- the deal is done.

Just a minor example of the scum we are dealing with in Washington

Regardless of the religious setting, this flamboyant speaker SPEAKS TRUTH, verify for yourselves

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