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Permanent US military installations in Oz -- ‘yellow’ dog China barking but not biting!
by Huang Thursday, Nov 17 2011, 10:56pm
international / imperialism / commentary

The US is closing in on cowardly, retreating China; a nation that could have had strong international support but forfeited the chance by abandoning its traditional allies Yugoslavia and Libya in their time of need -- a ‘friend’ like China no nation needs.

Puppet US president Obama delivered the Corporate and Banking elite message to China in plain terms, to paraphrase; ‘you think you have some claim or influence in your own Asian region well think again you cowardly dogs, we chased you out of the Balkans and Africa and now we’ll chase you back to Beijing and keep you there -- once a nation of cowardly slaves, ALWAYS a nation of cowardly SLAVES.’

Supported by the servile Australian government, which has virtually allowed America free rein on its territory, US naval air/sea patrols in the South China Sea will soon become a permanent feature. The US has pledged a constant presence in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the South China Sea.

So there you have it, you ‘yellow’ acrobats; know you have no chance against the strongest and BRAVEST military rustics in the world -- and fuck ‘you too, Hu!’ [Sorry, but that one was begging.]

America rules the world and yellow dogs should be confined to their own kennel space – stay within your borders or suffer the consequences, Hu!

Even the parochial, irrelevant, Australian foreign minister, Kevin ‘chow ni ma’ Rudd, has urged the US to attack China – and that threat comes from a real ‘she-man,’ as most world leaders are aware.

Transnationals have expressed some concern that China could engage in a retaliatory economic or trade war of some sort, possibly reducing imports from Australia to teach it a lesson – we doubt it however, as such an action requires COURAGE, something that is completely foreign to Chinese cowards and SLAVES – the ENTIRE WORLD has already witnessed the yellow dog run with its tail between its legs when challenged by America.



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I know!
by wu Friday, Nov 18 2011, 7:45am

we'll have another military parade -- our precision and synchronisation is sure to terrorise those foreign devils. Perhaps some additional acrobatics to really frighten them!

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