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Australian Sovereignty Relinquished by Gillard Government
by nano Wednesday, Nov 16 2011, 10:37am
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The Australian nation and regional neighbours have been dealt a severe and insulting slap in the face by America today. US president Barack Obama announced to a joint sitting of Parliament that the US military will be a permanent feature on Australian soil – the Australian people were NOT given the opportunity to decide on this critical issue.

It is known that Japan and other conquered nations that have hosted US bases/troops protest vehemently for their removal. The US military presence is always associated with crime, rapes, prostitution, drugs and a general social deterioration WHEREVER IT IS FOUND. Only yesterday an American (former) marine was convicted for the murder of an Australian nurse – the American (trained sociopath) had stabbed the defenceless female nurse numerous times before slitting her throat; the court revealed that the marine murdered the senior nurse for not renewing his contract at the hospital in which he worked -- how dare she!

‘Camp Bondsteel’ in illegally appropriated Kosovo is a notorious example today of everything that is ugly about American bases and occupying troops; a criminal market has sprung up to accommodate a constant flow of prostitutes, drugs, contraband, gambling and a host of other criminal activities that any local population would deplore and it is no use local politicians apologising/pretending that Oz will benefit from a permanent foreign troop presence via a few degrading jobs, which would no doubt revolve around ‘sucking American cocks’ – a job that should be left to Gillard and others like opposition shadow FM, Julie Bishop (see linked video) that support this SHAMEFUL, and outrageous surrender of Australian sovereignty.

Americans have proven time and again their military is an OFFENSIVE state apparatus and all talk of ‘security’ and ‘DEFENCE’ amount to the usual tissue-thin, veil of LIES, as the past decade and recent ‘humanitarian bombing’ campaign in Libya would clearly indicate.

Also, any notion or claim that China poses a military threat to Australia or to the region is absurd in the extreme. Unlike America, China is NOT an expansionist, invading and conquering nation; historically China has always sought to insulate itself from the violent and corrupting ‘foreign devils’ of the outside world.

Oz is in the perfect position to benefit from a mediating and NEUTRAL ROLE in this region – to take sides or display any partiality whatsoever would be the height of folly, but then Australia’s recent leaders have been the most inept politicians the western world has ever seen. To forgo the opportunity and benefits of acting as a mediating and pivotal balancing influence in the region is staggeringly stupid!

America, which embarked on an undisguised quest for GLOBAL hegemony since the fall of the Soviet Union, is a very well known arrogant and aggressive quantity. Acting as a 'door mat' to such a power, as major Oz political parties are currently doing, is a tragic error of judgment and provides evidence of the astonishing decline in capable Australian leadership over the past few decades.

It should also be made plain that the USA is the world’s most aggressive civilian killing nation. Treasonous and spineless Oz politicians go to great pains to avoid addressing the historical FACTS. Over the past few decades the USA has murdered more civilians than all the other nations of the world put together!

It is the USA not China that is the greatest threat to world peace today. It has been at war constantly with numerous nations for over a decade and has no intention of stopping until it conquers the entire world – insanity!

Its latest ‘effort’ (with NATO) in Libya was characterised by brazen war crimes, summary executions and a host of other crimes against humanity.

In the circumstances, there seems no doubt that Australia would have been best served adopting a mediating and neutral role in the region – a position that a truly capable leader would have embraced.

If Australia faces difficulties and less cooperation from its Asian and Pacific neighbours over a RANGE of issues in the future, no one will be surprised -- INCOMPETENT LEADERSHIP carries a very heavy price.

The criminal, Imperial US Presidency answers only to Banking and Corporatist minority elites -- be advised.

Juliar Gillard has already proven herself an unswerving servant of Goldman 'Carbon Tax' Sachs and the criminal Banking elites, her undemocratic IMPOSITION of this tax on the people proves the point. Should we be surprised that she also acts as a door mat for the US president?

Criminal Empire Pure and Simple

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