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2500 US marines on Australian soil for starters -- thin end of the wedge
by Captain Wednesday, Nov 16 2011, 1:05am
international / imperialism / commentary

PERMANENT US troop presence confirms Oz's new OCCUPIED colony status, thanks Juliar!

Regardless of how the Corporate controlled media present this catastrophe, Australia, thanks to servile Juliar Gillard, is now a primary nuclear target. Puppet US president Obama, today confirmed that US troops will be permanently stationed in Australia. But softly, softly, slowly, slowly, is the approach, we certainly wouldn't want the average Aussie to become aware that China has been forced to re-align some of its nuclear armed ICBMs at Australia, thanks America!

Obama and Gillard
Obama and Gillard

America knows no other way of dealing with the world; its foreign policy is simply 'we take what we want from other nations, via local compliant regimes (Gillard) or by force with economic and military means.' The choice for the world is simply acquiescence or face intimidation/sanction, aggression/embargos and if necessary warfare. China would do well to wake to those FACTS.

China should now make it very clear to Oz leaders, accompanied by trade reminders, not to allow an UNNECESSARY military buildup in this region.

I refer to the past decade of American permanent war which Cheney announced before his disgraceful departure from office; Obama as dutiful lackey is merely pushing the same elite Banking and Transnational/Corporatist line as previous administrations -- as outlined in the PNAC document.

This initial, relatively small troop presence is only the beginning, it should not be forgotten that Gillard signed off on FIVE full scale US military bases and America is now at liberty to construct them anytime it wishes, notwithstanding new leadership could review any policy not in Australia's best interests.

In concluding this short intro I would add that many Australian analysts, specialists and political commentators are aware that Gillard's complete acquiescence to US wishes -- virtually allowing them free reign here in Oz -- is not in the best interests of Australia or the region.

Hopefully her (certain) removal from office will see a more sober, balanced and critically evaluated approach to Australia's economic and security concerns. Gillard's schoolgirl awe of the US and servility has now become a MAJOR PROBLEM for this nation and the ENTIRE region.

The nature of the American beast is known to the entire world; the past DECADE clearly indicates an unwavering pursuit of its doctrine of permanent WAR, BUT do we really need that lunacy down here!

Report by Ben Packham and Milanda Rout from The Australian follows:

UP to 2500 US Marines will be stationed in Australia for six months of every year under a new bilateral defence deal sealed today by Julia Gillard and Barack Obama today.

The agreement will also allow more US ships and military aircraft - including B52 bombers - to operate from Australian bases.

President Obama said the agreement, coming at the 60th anniversary of the ANZUS alliance, reflected the United States' determination to safeguard security in the Asia-Pacific.

''Because of these initiatives that are the result of our countries working very closely together as partners, we are going to be in a position to more effectively strengthen the security of both our nations and this region,'' Mr Obama said.

''This deepening of our alliance sends a clear message of our commitment to this region - a commitment that is enduring and un-wavering.''

The Prime Minister said the new security pact would strengthen the Australian-US alliance and boost regional security.

''We are a region that is growing economically but stability is important for economic growth too, and our alliance has been a bedrock of stability in our region,” Ms Gillard said.

''So building on our alliance through this new initiative is about stability.''

The pair also discussed the post 2014 situation in Afghanistan, the health of the global economy and their nations' relative commitments on climate change.

Mr Obama began his remarks with a friendly ''G'day'', saying he was pleased to be in Australia.

He said he was grateful for America's partnership with Australia, and lavished praise on Ms Gillard.

''In my friend Julia, I see the quality that we Americans admire most in our Australian friends - somebody who is down to earth, easy to talk to, and who says it like it is, straight up. that's why we achieved to much today.''

The self-contained Marine air-ground taskforce will train on Australian soil without Australian troops in a first for the bilateral relationship.

An initial force of 250 Pacific-based Marines will deploy in the Northern Territory next year, growing to 2500 within six years.

They will conduct exercises during the dry season of every year at the NT's Mr Bundy, Bradshaw and Delamere training areas.

The expanded US air presence in Australia will see B52s, FA18s, C17 transport aircraft and air-to-air tankers operating from RAAF Tindal, near Katherine.

More US ships will also move through Western Australia's HMAS Sterling naval base, south of Perth, but the extent of the arrangement is yet to be finalised.

The closer military ties follow talks between senior Australian and US officials at last year's bilateral AUSMIN talks, held in Melbourne.

The US wanted to expand its presence in the region, while Australia wanted to send a message about the strength of the Australia-US alliance.

Nuclear weapons will be prohibited from being brought onto Australian territory, but nuclear-powered ships will be allowed.

Australia has directly briefed China, Indonesia, New Zealand and India on the new arrangements, while the US has briefed Japan and Korea.

Both parties have been at pains to emphasise that the deal is not a response to the growing military might of China.

However, there is growing anxiety behind the scenes, particularly in the United States, over China's move to dramatically boost its defence spending and increase the size of its navy.

The pair met for private talks this afternoon that stretched beyond the scheduled hour, and are widely expected to emerge with news of the intensified defence partnership, which is expected to include a permanent rotation of US Marines through Darwin.

Australia and the US have been negotiating for the past two years on updating the footprint of defence assets in the region, amid concern over China’s plans to significantly increase its defence spending and boost the size of its navy.

The announcement comes after Air Force One completed a textbook landing at 3.10pm, 15 minutes ahead of schedule bringing the President to Australian soil.

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Permanent US Military Presence in Australia
by Tony Cartalucci via stan - Land Destroyer Wednesday, Nov 16 2011, 8:17am

November 15, 2011 - After months of assuring a skeptical and disgruntled Australian public that the US military would not be getting a permanent base in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported a "US Marine Base for Darwin." US President Barrack Obama is credited with the decision, one overtly declared to be in direct response to the rise of China. Despite Obama getting credit, however, one shadowy "institution" is overly ecstatic over the announcement, and while Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith attempts to reassure the public that Australia will not have "US bases," this institution's "news blog" has already declared the decision as potentially the moment "where Australia fundamentally cast its lot in with the US," vis-a-vis China. This institution is particularly ecstatic because despite the media giving credit to Obama, it was their idea, one they've been promoting openly since at least June.

The Lowy Institution, which masquerades as an Australian think-tank, is in actuality funded and representative of the global-corporate-financier oligarchy. Described in detail in, "Globalists' Australian Nexus ," it was specifically noted as far back as June 2011 that the Lowy Institute was behind a call for establishing US military bases throughout Australia. The Australian specifically named the Lowy Institute as one of the unelected "planners" behind making "the case for US Bases." As in the recent Lowy Institute affirmation of this policy as Obama prepares to unveil their corporate-funded agenda in Darwin, Australia next Thursday, Lowy back in June also cited China and the inclusion of Australia in a more aggressive strategy being pursued by Wall Street and London to maintain their financial, economic, and strategic hegemony throughout Asia.

While Lowy's fake news blog the "Interpreter" claims most Australians should feel content with this announcement, in reality, they should be up in arms over it. A corporate-funded, unelected think-tank is dictating policy to an entire nation, not even for their own best interests but overtly to enhance a foreign corporate oliagrchy in its projection of power throughout Australia's own backyard. Instead of cultivating a constructive relationship with Asia on its own terms - Australia has now been manipulated through duplicitous self-serving organizations like the Lowy Institute to adopt a stance of confrontation, encirclement, and unsustainable militarism leaving Australians as the first line of defense for Wall Street and London if their house of cards collapses.

Australians need to ask themselves sincerely if they are ready to shed blood and jeopardize all they have built for the sake of Anglo-American global hegemony (read: empire). There is absolutely no reason Australians on their own can't produce a strong defensive military to deter future aggression - where ever it may come from, while establishing reasonable ties with their sovereign neighbors. Instead, their military is off in far-flung Afghanistan fighting Wall Street and London's wars, expending money, resources, and brave lives that could better serve Australia domestically and regionally.

It is imperative that people understand just where this policy came from - neither elected representatives in Australia nor America, but rather a corporate-funded think-tank full of unelected and largely unknown policy makers. This is your real government, and the price paid for continuing on ignorant of this is living a destiny not written by the people, but by a cleverly disguised corporate-fascist oligarchy that will bleed you and your nation to death for their own agenda.

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