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The Occupy 'Movement'
by dandy Monday, Nov 14 2011, 1:36am
international / social/political / commentary

"We are the PARALYSED 99%"

Nothing like a little theatre of the absurd to highlight the 'effectiveness' of directionless, do-nothing, demand nothing, 'movements.'

It's not for the lack of commercial and State crime, political corruption and other criminal activities in 'high' places -- the UN and ICC to name only two corrupt, partial institutions -- it's the seeming morbid fear and inability to DECLARE, FOCUS, TARGET and CHANGE what threatens all our lives today that makes the Occupy movement a 'NON-EVENT!'

It was clearly designed and MANAGED to be that way. All the cranially unoccupied dreamboats that lend their time and energy to a DO-NOTHING 'movement' should not be surprised when nothing changes. Take a good, long look at what is HAPPENING around you, dreamboats. While criminal RULING ELITES appropriate everything -- murdering innocents in the process -- YOU DO NOTHING, brilliant!

It [movement] could be summed up by a statement one of the Sydney Occupy 'non-leaders' made -- leading all the while -- "we will occupy this space [outside the Reserve Bank] until we are removed!" [My emphasis.] Needless to say, the Sydney 'occupy movement' no longer exists, you pathetic vacuum-heads. Watch out for those subliminal directives/messages by 'leaders' who aren't really 'leaders!'

You people don't even know what day it is; look up the meaning of the word, O-C-C-U-P-Y! [You can't even get 'doing nothing' right!]


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by rally Tuesday, Nov 15 2011, 8:31pm

as expected the no agenda, directionless, do-nothing, Occupy movement is being steadily removed from social spaces by regulatory authorities.

the ineffective movement is evaporating as I write simply due to the fact that it lacks coherence, SUBSTANCE and FOCUSED DIRECTION. The forces that created it ensured it would achieve NOTHING and would serve only as a distraction while the most heinous war crimes were committed by NATO in Libya -- now that Libya has been CRIMINALLY appropriated and a puppet regime installed there is no need for the 'Occupy' media distraction and so it's bye, bye, you vacuum-headed dreamboats.

With all the injustices in the world today ANY 'movement' that is intentionally designed to go nowhere and do nothing is suss from the start. Clearly it was orchestrated by the man.

It has served its purpose (as an effective distraction from the horrific war crimes committed in Libya and elsewhere). Nevertheless, it COULD have become a REAL, ONGOING PROTEST MOVEMENT WITH A CLEARLY DEFINED AGENDA WHICH PEOPLE COULD HAVE IDENTIFIED WITH AND RALLIED BEHIND.


Do better next time, won't you!

P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C response at Zuccotti Park

Try and do something next time, but that 's a big ask in America -- just look at these IDIOT dreamboats! Perhaps some old docos of effective protest movements from the 30's thru to the 60's may assist in formulating DIRECTION and tactics.

by tangie Monday, Nov 14 2011, 10:07pm

can ANYONE refer me to any real change the Occupy 'movement ' has effected, anywhere? I searched the wires and Google for days looking for the slightest alteration in the status quo or change in real world direction and of course found nothing EXCEPT ruling elites from the Trilateral Commission and Central Banking establishment now OPENLY taking over the political leadership of Europe after their PLANNED and executed financial/economic coup! And that notwithstanding the CONTINUING terror campaign on the civilian population of Libya by NATO/CIA backed rebel forces -- they are REAL WORLD E-V-E-N-T-S I am referring to you FUCKIN' GUTLESS, AIMLESS, LOSERS!

If you fail to target and MOVE on any of the heinous crimes and injustices occurring under your noses soon, YOU WILL EARN THE CONTEMPT OF THE LONG SUFFERING FREE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD that physically F-I-G-H-T the criminal forces of OPPRESSION, REPRESSION and INJUSTICE.

A little tip for all you losers -- the forces in your midst that CONSTANTLY neutralise the movement with incessant talk of non-action, no agenda or defined direction, are the enemy, doh! They are working for the elites that FEAR REAL CHANGE and THE FORCES THAT WOULD EFFECT IT!

You either become a REAL PROTEST MOVEMENT or EARN THE RIDICULE and SCORN you currently deserve from real fighters, activists and oppressed people everywhere.

If it's not time to ACT NOW then when? REALITY IS NOW-TIME, do not fall for the (heaven) future reward fantasy, it's an ingrained, cultural SLAVERY CON?


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