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The Occupy 'Movement'
by dandy Monday, Nov 14 2011, 1:36am
international / social/political / commentary

"We are the PARALYSED 99%"

Nothing like a little theatre of the absurd to highlight the 'effectiveness' of directionless, do-nothing, demand nothing, 'movements.'

It's not for the lack of commercial and State crime, political corruption and other criminal activities in 'high' places -- the UN and ICC to name only two corrupt, partial institutions -- it's the seeming morbid fear and inability to DECLARE, FOCUS, TARGET and CHANGE what threatens all our lives today that makes the Occupy movement a 'NON-EVENT!'

It was clearly designed and MANAGED to be that way. All the cranially unoccupied dreamboats that lend their time and energy to a DO-NOTHING 'movement' should not be surprised when nothing changes. Take a good, long look at what is HAPPENING around you, dreamboats. While criminal RULING ELITES appropriate everything -- murdering innocents in the process -- YOU DO NOTHING, brilliant!

It [movement] could be summed up by a statement one of the Sydney Occupy 'non-leaders' made -- leading all the while -- "we will occupy this space [outside the Reserve Bank] until we are removed!" [My emphasis.] Needless to say, the Sydney 'occupy movement' no longer exists, you pathetic vacuum-heads. Watch out for those subliminal directives/messages by 'leaders' who aren't really 'leaders!'

You people don't even know what day it is; look up the meaning of the word, O-C-C-U-P-Y! [You can't even get 'doing nothing' right!]

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