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The Most Dangerous Video on Youtube
by p(h)ill Sunday, Nov 13 2011, 8:09am
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"Everything is OK" (Montage)

Unlike the corporate orchestrated, designed to do nothing, 'Occupy (static) movement,' this effort, in stark contrast, is the most creative, radical and entertaining piece of semiotic activism I've seen in years. Well done, everyone involved!

Note the clever semantic inversions and how the mainstream disease is used to immunise instead of terrorise -- it's a form of semiotic vaccination protecting you from further infection. Enjoy!

The video demonstrates, with creative thinking, humour and FRONT, how to break free from the American ideology, which is actually a mental disease.

Get inspired and get out there people; reject all the lies and mind-control methods of the 'man' and let your hair down.

Trumpet the plain truth far and wide; oppose the JOYLESS, poisonous, 'treacle' that emanates daily from American controlled Newswires -- ALL of which are designed to instill fear, enslave you and make you miserable.

The curing effect is almost immediate and if you feel yourself being overcome by mainstream 'treacle'/poison again, hit the 'streets' in your own way and wash the fog away -- DO IT AGAIN and again -- it's LIBERATING. Then inject joy into your home/work environment -- when they talk war and fear, we talk love and harmony. Don't let 'them' bring you down, it's their methodology.

Just today US presidential candidate, Rick Perry, in an effort to JUSTIFY TORTURE (the sick American bastard) screamed "this is WAR!" Well, the world has witnessed only the USA and its lackey allies conducting war over the past decade -- let the dead bury the dead; let them war with each other, we will not fight their wars and kill each other for their profit any longer.

Ruling elites primarily rule by fear saturated MISREPRESENTATION, MISINFORMATION and very ill-logic.

Have a nice day ;o)

PS, the video protagonist is right you know, existence is infinite and true happiness is found within -- Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and all the great sages and mystics throughout history agree -- who you gonna believe, a bunch of sicko yanks or the loving saviours of the world? Share and link this video widely -- one Truth neutralises a trillion lies, nature made it that way.


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