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The Measure of a Servile, Knee-walking, Treasonous Oz Politician
by des Friday, Nov 11 2011, 8:07am
national / social/political / commentary

US Colonial Overlords Dictate Policy to Oz pollies

Do you seek confirmation or the Truth regarding Australia's 'soft colony' status to the USA? Well here it is, from 'our' custard faced Foreign Minister's own custard-filled mouth:

Foreign Minister Kevin 'vanilla' Rudd urges patience regarding the FIVE new full scale US military bases PM Gillard approved during her requested visit to Washington.


"It's important that we await the president's [Obama] visit before confirming any particular elements of what that defence cooperation may entail," he told reporters attending an APEC forum."

There you have it, lackey Labor politicians unable to make INDEPENDENT decisions in AUSTRALIA'S best interests. Labor politicians have to wait for Obama to tell them what to do, like sign here for an UNPRECEDENTED F-I-V-E NEW full scale US military bases -- never mind the FACT those additional bases would make Oz a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET in the event of a US precipitated conflict with China; we're only SERVILE, apathetic, custard-faced Aussies after all, oink! oink! oink!

The current Defence Minister, Stephen 'kneepads' Smith, stated in the same report that, "there are no United States bases in Australia [Pine Gap and the NW Shelf installation are only mirages] and no proposal for such bases," which is of course a brazen LIE, as Gillard and the public record clearly indicate. What then, Mr. 'kneepads' Smith, did PM Gillard sign for in Washington? FIVE 'sandcastles' on Bondi Beach, you reprehensible, LYING, TREASONOUS, prick!

Fortunately for AUSTRALIA, patriots and highly trained Aussie specialists will not allow our nation to be compromised, taken for granted, or sold to rapacious Transnationals for a 'farthing.'

Rudd and Smith serving 'their' flag
Rudd and Smith serving 'their' flag


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send him home in a box
by sean Friday, Nov 11 2011, 8:56pm

The US has now normalised targeted assassination or state sanctioned murder and continues to conduct 'night raids' in Afghanistan and openly kill by proxy using local stooges in other regions -- the torture and summary execution of Col. Gaddafi for example.

The public record now contains appalling evidence of the highest officials (sociopaths) in Washington gloating over the horrific and grotesque murders it conducts around the globe in the INTERESTS of Banking and Transnational elites.

We are fast learners here in Oz; the rule today is clear, if you don't like it or its in your way eliminate it -- so it's GOODBYE Obama and other political lackeys serving the criminal BANKING and Transnational elites.

We apply the same rule and methods to you as you apply to others FAIR ENOUGH, you cowardly dogs?

Henceforth, consider the above vermin as legitimate targets and enemies of humanity -- their psychopathic record condemns them all.

Ridding the world of this vile psychopathic filth is the greatest service anyone could render humanity.

Colonise or militarily occupy Oz if you dare -- you have no idea what you're dealing with down here.

To ALL FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, especially Africa and Central Asia -- WE ARE ONE UNITED FORCE against the vermin that would enslave us ALL and plunder our wealth. WE ALL MUST do what must be done.

A special message to cowardly, yellow dog, China -- WHY CONTINUE TO SUPPORT the DOLLAR when it manifests as a gun to your head, idiots! The entire world sees the US cordon tightening around your yellow, slave necks. You are NOW economically strong enough to DUMP THE DOLLAR, but you have no spine, history records it thus!

As for the rest, we number in the BILLIONS -- elites only amount to a few thousand globally. Victory is therefore ASSURED. China is the world's leading cowardly nation and America is the world's leading criminal nation.

We are the OVERWHELMING MORAL MAJORITY -- anger us at your own peril. The rule today is, there are NO RULES!

Comments on Bases and US foreign policy
by fleet - SMH Friday, Nov 11 2011, 8:35am

Is it time to rethink the terms of our insurance policy with the US (''US Marine base for Darwin'', November 11). Participating in US invasions of a number of countries in the past 50 years has not increased our security or won us friends. Allowing the setting up of an American base in Darwin aimed at China is putting at risk our future prosperity and friendship with that country. In the long term China is far more important to us economically than the US, a country which is now suffering the dire effects of its continuous commitments to overseas wars.

Increasing the number of American bases on Australian soil on the basis of a possible Chinese invasion seems to be driven by a totally wrong-headed fear.

In its entire history, China, unlike the US, has never launched attacks on far-away countries. They have rarely gone to war. Rather they have been carved up and suffered incursions by foreign powers. No wonder they feel they need a stronger army. China has more sense than to waste its national wealth on military excursions. Blind Freddy can see what war does to an economy.

Ironically China is inadvertently supporting the US war effort by propping up the ailing US economy with loans. China has no need to go to war as they have no problem extending their ownership of foreign resources by simply buying them in the market place.

Do we continue to participate in US wars, or do we concentrate on becoming a successful independent country, a country which has the capacity to develop a peace-loving culture based on higher values.

Curtis Levy Birchgrove

Troops in Darwin bad for stability

Not satisfied with Australian troops fighting and dying in US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and before that Vietnam, and having US spy bases on our shores making Australia a target for America's enemies, the US now wants to permanently base its troops in Darwin.

It may have escaped the notice of some in Washington that Australia is not yet a US state. This is a proposition that can only make our region less stable by heightening tensions with China, our major trading partner. For whose benefit? Not Australia's.

Paul Pearce Bronte

Hey, Mr Obama and Ms Gillard, please let us finish the present wars if we can, before we start the next one.

Richard Manuell Frenchs Forest

Remembrance Day was tarnished by the announcement that US marines are to be based in Darwin.

The government continues to slavishly support the US, by sending troops to the unwinnable war in Afghanistan, opposing Palestine becoming a member of the UN and UNESCO, and now sending a very unfriendly message to our Asia-Pacific neighbours by supporting this increased US military presence.

Michael Fox Pacific Palms

What an announcement on Armistice Day. Will it stop the boats?

Barry Hartshorn Wahroonga

We are in Afghanistan for one reason only and that is the American alliance. This is also why we went into Vietnam and Iraq, and has nothing to do with Afghanistan. If we want the US to help us in our hour of need, we must maintain a profile as a loyal ally deserving of protection. Both the government and the opposition support this approach.

Whether or not you agree with this policy, it is a serious one which should be argued on its merits instead of being obfuscated by pious rhetoric about bringing freedom and democracy to Afghanistan.

As with any other insurance policy, premiums must be paid regularly so we will follow the Americans into future ventures when they ask us to join them.

Cavan Hogue Umina Beach

Ask the people of Okinawa and other parts of Japan, and of any other Pacific country forced to put up with US troops, about their experience before we agree to accept any marines onto our soil (especially without a similar Aussie base being established on US mainland soil).

They will tell you about the arrogance, then about the prostitution and sleaze, and about the rape of civilian women and girls, and more.

Militarily, we do not need the US anywhere near our country. It attracts danger to us, rather than deter it.

Have some sense, please and allow us our national integrity.

Go home, US military.

Jim Kable Caves Beach

Will American marines based in Australia be subject to Australian laws or will they demand immunity from prosecution for all crimes, including rape and murder, as they have in other countries that they occupy?

John Weiley Broken Head

Honour for all

Here, Here to James Brown (''On the 11th, remember the living'', November 11). My niece is serving in the RAAF, currently deployed to ''somewhere over there''.

My partner served in the USAF during Vietnam. My father and grandfather served in WWII. Three great-uncles served (and died) in WWI.

All deserve commemoration and honouring - and none more so than the young woman ''doing her bit'' on the 11th hour of the 11th month.

Cath Mackson Waverton

2011 Fairfax Media

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