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The Measure of a Servile, Knee-walking, Treasonous Oz Politician
by des Friday, Nov 11 2011, 8:07am
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US Colonial Overlords Dictate Policy to Oz pollies

Do you seek confirmation or the Truth regarding Australia's 'soft colony' status to the USA? Well here it is, from 'our' custard faced Foreign Minister's own custard-filled mouth:

Foreign Minister Kevin 'vanilla' Rudd urges patience regarding the FIVE new full scale US military bases PM Gillard approved during her requested visit to Washington.


"It's important that we await the president's [Obama] visit before confirming any particular elements of what that defence cooperation may entail," he told reporters attending an APEC forum."

There you have it, lackey Labor politicians unable to make INDEPENDENT decisions in AUSTRALIA'S best interests. Labor politicians have to wait for Obama to tell them what to do, like sign here for an UNPRECEDENTED F-I-V-E NEW full scale US military bases -- never mind the FACT those additional bases would make Oz a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET in the event of a US precipitated conflict with China; we're only SERVILE, apathetic, custard-faced Aussies after all, oink! oink! oink!

The current Defence Minister, Stephen 'kneepads' Smith, stated in the same report that, "there are no United States bases in Australia [Pine Gap and the NW Shelf installation are only mirages] and no proposal for such bases," which is of course a brazen LIE, as Gillard and the public record clearly indicate. What then, Mr. 'kneepads' Smith, did PM Gillard sign for in Washington? FIVE 'sandcastles' on Bondi Beach, you reprehensible, LYING, TREASONOUS, prick!

Fortunately for AUSTRALIA, patriots and highly trained Aussie specialists will not allow our nation to be compromised, taken for granted, or sold to rapacious Transnationals for a 'farthing.'

Rudd and Smith serving 'their' flag
Rudd and Smith serving 'their' flag

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