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Obama to either be Arrested or Shot while visiting Australia
by major mitchell Thursday, Nov 10 2011, 9:01am
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According to unconfirmed reports US puppet president Barack Obama faces arrest or possible assassination when he sets foot on Oz soil in November. Since he (officially) approved an illegal Drone strike on Pakistan in 2009, which killed numerous civilians including women and children, Obama has earned the status of war criminal; and REGARDLESS of whether corrupt international authorities choose to pursue him or not, International Laws remain unaltered and are therefore enforceable!

Barack Obaa' maa, puppet and fall guy!
Barack Obaa' maa, puppet and fall guy!

Obama made a conscious decision to conduct an illegal, criminal raid on a nation that is allied to the US, notwithstanding he is a known SERVANT to unrepresentative minority interests. Nevertheless, Obama occupies the office of President (fall guy) and the responsibility stops with him.

Unconfirmed sources say the Australian underground, which is reputed to be supported by Chinese and Russian interests, is buzzing with stories of a major ‘push’ on Obama and possibly his entire retinue; it seems Washington has finally overstepped the mark, in relation to China and Russia.

Various newswires carry stories of America’s strategic militarily expansion which now painfully confronts both Asian superpowers, so the unconfirmed reports may indeed have a basis in fact.

We would ask local security and ‘intelligence’ agencies not to shoot the messenger, but attempt to confirm whether these stories have any veracity; pursuing members of our team would be a fruitless endeavour, as we (like WikiLeaks) also utilise anonymous news gathering methods.

The above notwithstanding, we certainly do hope these stories are accurate, as crimes perpetrated by various States today have become intolerable.

The Geneva and other International war crimes conventions are now ROUTINELY FLOUTED by powerful States and their puppet leaders -- politicians of every hue make a mockery of the LAW on a daily basis and it is about time something was DONE about it!

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