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"From now on we will get weaker and they stronger." -- General George Patton
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"We are the new Rome!"
by sean Wednesday, Nov 9 2011, 9:17pm
international / imperialism / other press

(and you are the new slaves)

Profiling the criminal agenda.and gangsters that have hijacked our world.

Do you now think it is TIME to STOP fighting THEIR criminal wars?

US Senator calls for new 9/11 Inquiry.

A woman's Courage.


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by clare Wednesday, Nov 9 2011, 10:19pm

The evil minority forces that work tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve their 'One World Order' have demonstrated -- with the bodies of millions of innocent men, women and CHILDREN, since Vietnam -- that no cost is too high or crime too heinous to achieve their megalomaniacal, pathological, singular obsession; the complete domination of the entire world -- an ambition that is in itself a clear indication of severe mental disease!

Take a broad view and imagine if you would the world's first explorers, discovering 'new' lands and cultures but encountering a replication of their own culture everywhere, nothing new, interesting or refreshing!
No new technologies, inventions, medicines, food etc, from other independent thinking DIFFERENT nations/cultures/people.

The desire for UNIFORMITY, or singular control, or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is clearly a psychopathology, a human sickness we must ALL be aware of and guard against. Uniformity or singular control kills all creativity and is simply another way of expressing imposed SLAVERY for the many and opulence for the few.

What I describe is occurring even as I write; the loss of social liberties and quality of life, planned "preventative detention" -- a euphemism for 'thought crime' or dissenting views/opposition to the status quo.

Reflect for a moment and ask yourselves, would a centrally controlled, police/military State be a desirable place to live? I think not, in fact, I know it wouldn't and so should you -- view the brutal police tactics used on PEACEFUL 'Occupy' protesters in the USA as a minor example of what is to come. There are no legitimate justifications for using VIOLENCE against peaceful protesters exercising their DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS!

Our task, if we would be FREE, is to STOP and then completely eliminate the evil criminal forces that would enslave us and make a LIVING HELL -- which is occurring as I write -- of our ENTIRE WORLD. Also understand, 'they' have made this a GLOBAL issue and as we all know, a global issue REQUIRES a GLOBAL RESPONSE.

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