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Whose Wars?
by Captain Tuesday, Nov 8 2011, 9:07pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Veterans have first hand experience of the horror and crimes of war; they know the TRUTH behind the LIES and propaganda of State – the mass murder, wanton destruction and resource appropriation. However, most veterans choose, for reasons of guilt and shame, to remain silent, nonetheless, some BRAVE and HONOURABLE soul-diers choose to speak out and tell it like it is:

“I did not serve my country in Iraq; I served the 1%. It was on their behalf that I helped lay siege to Fallujah [Dresden, Hiroshima, Hanoi, Kandahar, Sirte etc], I helped kill thousands of civilians, helped displace hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and helped destroy entire cities. My ‘service’ served the interests of Exxon-Mobil, Halliburton/KBR, Blackwater, and other multinational corporations in Iraq [and other war zones].”

Like most veterans, citizens are also aware of the criminal nature of today’s wars – Iraq and Libya forever exposed the LIES and MYTHS surrounding today’s (CRIMINAL) wars; yet some citizens choose to remain mute and do nothing in the face of gross criminal activity by the State. Fortunately for humanity, the FEW, the BRAVE, honourable souls that have always changed the course of HISTORY, refuse to surrender their humanity to sociopaths, criminals and debauched, avaricious PIGS. ‘We’ (make YOUR choice) actively engage and expose the LIES and criminality of the forces of ‘EVIL’ (there is no better description); we FIGHT the powers of darkness in a JUST war of attrition. We have ALWAYS prevailed against the cabals that would destroy our world, our social harmony and destabilise our societies. WE have always restored Justice and stability to our world!

We are the BILLIONS, that great, IRRESISTIBLE tide of humanity, the MORAL MAJORITY; we FIGHT the forces of slavery and INEQUALITY, whether inflicted by economic (debt), military oppression, or by any other means; WE NEVER participate in UNJUST wars that CRIMINAL elites PROFIT from; WE do not turn on our brothers and sisters in the GLOBAL COMMUNITY to advantage PARASITIC Banking and Corporatist scum and the psychopaths that serve them in Washington and other political capitals.

We are Many; we are ONE, we are SOVEREIGN and we will restore representative government and eliminate the criminal filth that have STOLEN our, Peace and stability -- be assured!

Take note all corrupt, criminal minorities – your machinations are known and your days are numbered.

We are the overwhelming, irresistible, moral majority and our time has come!

Justice will be served and Peace will prevail.

We are ONE and 'they' are dead men walking!


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welcome to Australia, faggot
by tele Tuesday, Nov 8 2011, 10:46pm

Oz citizens and others can't wait for the arrival of shameless traitor to the American people and enemy of all humanity; lackey and slave to the elites, Baa' rack Obaa' maa!

Be advised, Baa' rack, your life is in our hands; if you doubt it, ask any elite military specialist! With that said, KNOW how vulnerable you are and know they cannot protect you -- fact! You are expendable, in fact they might have arranged something of a surprise or shock to serve their purposes, you disposable, faggot, clown!

We, on the other hand may choose to pull another comedy caper as we did with Bush during the APEC summit -- too funny! It was to demonstrate how thoroughly vulnerable and inept you people really are, but you failed to heed the warning. O, well, as a famous Aussie rebel once said, "such is life!"

This is OUR sovereign land, 'septic', and you will not forget it! Too easy!

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