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Lackey Oz Politicians Force Unwanted Carbon Tax on Australia
by bluey Monday, Nov 7 2011, 11:17pm
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This is not a failure of Democracy it is a failure of Constitutional LAW! How is it possible that the most UNREPRESENTATIVE and reviled PM Oz has ever known, Juliar Gillard, a flagrant lackey to Goldman Sachs/Banking and minority Corporatist elites; the most coarse politician in Parliament together with the leader of the Greens, Bob Brown, a KNOWN SODOMIST -- representing who, social deviants (?) -- IMPOSE a detested Carbon Tax on the PEOPLE. We should never forget the cogent words of INDUSTRY; "ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS WILL BE PASSED ONTO THE PEOPLE/CONSUMERS." That means the average person -- and NO ONE ELSE -- ends up ‘SADDLED’ with this crucifying PENALTY TAX!

Bob 'sodomite' Brown (left), Greg 'sellout' Combet and Juliar 'door mat' Gillard
Bob 'sodomite' Brown (left), Greg 'sellout' Combet and Juliar 'door mat' Gillard

A KNOWN Corporate/Banker lackey bitch and a poof – for Christ’s fuckin’ sake -- impose THEIR will on the MORAL MAJORITY, this is SUPPOSED TO BE A BLOODY DEMOCRACY and 60% of the population CONTINUE to reject this TAX! So the OBVIOUS question arises, if Juliar Gillard does not represent or serve the people, who does she REALLY represent/serve? With minimal investigation, A CLEARLY WINNABLE LEGAL CASE GOES BEGGING; it is OBVIOUS who this servile, TREASONOUS bitch SERVES!

This is not a case of the tail wagging the dog, it is a case of a flea on the tail wagging the dog!

AAP report follows:

Gillard's Carbon Tax passes Senate

The Gillard government's controversial carbon tax has passed parliament with Labor and the Australian Greens forcing the 18 clean energy bills through the Senate.

The government won the historic vote in the upper house 36 to 32.

The legislation was passed unamended, which means it is now set to become law.

Just before the vote, Finance Minister Penny Wong said it had been a long road to achieve the bills' passage.

The Senate previously has rejected an emissions trading scheme.

"But today we deliver," Senator Wong said.

"This is a reform for our children. Today marks the beginning of Australia's clean energy future."

Senator Wong congratulated Prime Minister Julia Gillard for having the courage and fortitude to deliver the pollution price regime in the face of "the worst scare campaign in recent history".

But opposition Senate leader Eric Abetz said the Labor party had sold its policy soul to the Greens for the sake of staying in power.

"(This) is the grossest betrayal of an electoral mandate in Australian political history," he told the Senate.

The tax was economically reckless, would increase the cost of living, hurt jobs and perversely not help the environment.

Senator Abetz said the next election would be the referendum on the carbon tax the people were previously denied. A coalition government would axe the tax, he said.

Greens leader Bob Brown insisted it was a historic day for Australia and the seven billion people on the planet.

"What we are doing here today is legislating ... to hold back the great nemesis of climate change for the whole future of humanity and indeed our millions of fellow species on this planet," he said to cheers from the public gallery.

Senator Brown noted Labor's carbon tax was timid and short of the mark but nevertheless, coming from a divided parliament, still far-sighted.

His deputy, Christine Milne, agreed it was a great day for Australia's political history.

"This is the day when Australia changes direction," she said, adding the coalition was on the back foot because Opposition Leader Tony Abbott would not really repeal the tax if he won the next election.

"This nation has left him behind."

Labor's pollution price regime will begin in mid-2012 with a $23-a-tonne carbon price.

It will then transform to an emissions trading scheme with a floating price in mid-2015.

The public gallery erupted into applause when the vote count was announced.

Three people gave a standing ovation, while Climate Change Minister Greg Combet smiled happily from the public gallery.

The Greens hugged and shook hands in triumph before congratulating government frontbench senators.

Senator Abetz immediately tried to suspend standing orders after the opposition lost the vote.

"That handshake between the leader of the government and the leader of the Australian Greens says it all about the betrayal and the sell out of traditional Australian Labor Party values to the Australian Greens," the Liberal senator said.

"They have sold their political soul and their policy souls."

Government leader Cris Evans dismissed the opposition's attempts to delay the Senate Clerk from reading the title of the clean energy bills.

"We have one more puerile student politician act from the opposition," he said.

Liberal senator George Brandis vowed the opposition would continue to fight the policy "tooth and nail".

"You will wear your betrayal of the Australian people like a crown of thorns," Senator Brandis thundered.

Senator Michael Ronaldson said the public gallery was full of "Labor staffers".

Earlier, Nationals senate leader Barnaby Joyce doubted Australia's action would count for anything on the international stage.

China wouldn't wake up and say `I'm going to follow the Lemmings off the cliff'."

"It's a very sad day when (former US vice-president) Al Gore has more effect on the prime minister of Australia than Australian voters," he said.

"It's a very sad day when we have to cease this debate because the Greens have to go to Durban where Leonardo Dicaprio is going to be there, Arnie Schwarzenegger, Bono."

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Al Gore and Carbon Trading Exposed yet AGAIN!

Never forget the cogent words of Industry -- "all additional costs will be passed on to the consumer" -- that means YOU!

Carbon Trading is a new economic model designed by Goldman Sachs and other elite Banksters/Corporatists to replace the failed (2008) production model. It is in essence a contractive, PENALTY economic model designed to further concentrate wealth in the hands of the few and penalise the many with yet another outrageous TAX BURDEN -- remember the words of industry leaders -- who pays in the end, YOU!

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