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The World will only know PEACE when America ceases to Exist
by stan Sunday, Nov 6 2011, 10:31pm
international / peace/war / commentary

as we know it!

There comes a time when the moral GLOBAL majority, enraged by the most despicable, transparent crimes against civilisation/humanity, MOVE on the perpetrators with an eye not for negotiation, discussion or compromise but with the sole and primary aim of ridding the world of a DISEASE, a malignancy that threatens to destroy all life, EVERYTHING.

Noam Chomsky, Sydney Peace Prize recipient
Noam Chomsky, Sydney Peace Prize recipient

Profit only driven forces that WAR, plunder, thieve, pollute, mass murder, poison, destroy (everything) define an abhorrence that cannot be tolerated, indeed MUST be ELIMINATED if we are to survive or persist in a tenable, hospitable form/manner in the future!

Today’s America is a disease, make no mistake; it’s State leaders are so far removed from civilised morality they now OPENLY gloat over grotesque, summary executions, condone TORTURE, applaud indefinite detention without charge and are proceeding to ‘deal’ with anyone SUSPECTED of opposition to the status quo – i.e. “thought crimes!” Yes, we have collectively come to this, but now is not the time for lamentation, regret or futile discussion, now is the TIME for REMEDIAL ACTION!

Educated people and moral leaders have made the case many times previously that citizens in the USA are not guilty of the crimes their governments commit, ‘you cannot OBLITERATE an entire nation for the sins of a few’ is the common argument. We have heard it all before; delaying and paralysing arguments we have considered for decades -- during which time the USA has MURDERED MILLIONS MORE innocent civilians, either directly, with (carpet or precision) bombing and other MILITARY interventions or indirectly with economic and commercial exploitation. The results, however, are the same; MILLIONS of innocents have died by the hand of this unspeakably evil enemy of humankind. Their latest openly criminal enterprise was/is the destruction of debt-free Libya, the enslavement of its freedom-loving population to medieval Sharia fundamentalists and the theft-in-progress of ALL its valuable resources.

The commercial forces behind these wars do not recognise the sovereignty of nations or people; theirs is a profit at any cost ideology which they no longer attempt to hide. Now free to plunder/murder at will, they continue on their destructive path to final devastation and thorough RUIN.

Americans hide behind this monster of their own creation, the singularly driven, amoral, modern Corporation; an entity that allows people to avoid personal responsibility, “I’m only doing my job,” a convenient retort which allows for the most grotesque, horrific and vile results/violations of human rights and transgressions against everything we have known as DECENT, MORAL and CIVILISED.

Without the human element corporations are only grotesque, dead monoliths, architectural curiosities, but add the motivating principle – humans -- and they become monstrous, as any singularly driven machine would. Divested of every other consideration any singularly driven machine eventually becomes supremely destructive, AS IS CLEARLY EVIDENT TODAY.

Transnational Oil Companies, to cite just one example, are currently exploiting Iraq’s oil reserves, the people that ‘animate’ these companies and make ALL the decisions have the blood of over a million INNOCENT men, women and children on their hands, there is no hiding or escaping that grim reality, a moral person of character would not contribute in any way to such ‘enterprises.’

I would put an end to the MYTH that Corporations and Banks are responsible for all the evil and current destructive chaos in the world; CLEARLY the RESPONSIBILITY rests with the people; either by participation or TOLERATION. So, we are ALL RESPONSIBLE for the world we live in whether we like it or not!

Come that fateful day when the realisation of the terminal consequences of a blinding, searing flash confronts you, comfort yourselves with the knowledge that the person behind the detonation was only doing his job!

We are ALL responsible and must suffer the consequences of our inactions and actions.

Noam Chomsky recently delivered a long winded lecture at the Sydney Town Hall stating the obvious -- that the population is the principal determinant of peace or war -- Doh! Academics are apt to state the obvious in florid, long winded terms when they wish to avoid addressing DIRECT ACTION!

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