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CIA Now Killing on Suspicion – the next stage is Thought Crime
by nano Sunday, Nov 6 2011, 12:13am
international / social/political / commentary

After the WORLD passively accepted the normalisation of ‘humanitarian’ MURDER, and was seen by the global population (including Russia and China) to PASSIVELY TOLERATE the most heinous crimes against humanity in Libya; the CIA has naturally moved onto the next devolutionary stage of its downward criminal spiral to hell, with targeted Drone killings based on SUSPICION! [I can hardly believe I am recording these verifiable events for the historical record. However, since the UN sanctioned murder of upward of 30,000 Libyans and the revolting extra-judicial killing/State sponsored assassination, of former leader Muammar Gaddafi by NATO/US forces, we really shouldn’t be surprised at the rapidity of moral decay and social disintegration which is occurring before our eyes!]

NATO Chief, Rasmussen subservient to US
NATO Chief, Rasmussen subservient to US

The few hundred (only) criminal elites behind ALL the mayhem, crime and continuing gross illegalities since the Balkan ‘intervention’ have an agenda which is TIME CRITICAL. They MUST achieve total global hegemony, before the population mobilises against them.

Every Psywar and propaganda tactic has been deployed by these forces recently, INCLUDING The INNOCUOUS diversionary tactic of the Occupy Wall Street ‘movement,’ which is now infamous for having no clear agenda, aims or objectives when moral causes go begging and the vilest crimes are being committed before the very noses of these ineffective ‘Occupy’ dreamboats – the truth behind this cleverly orchestrated (go nowhere) ‘movement’ will soon emerge but by then it would be too late!

The elites’ race against the clock, as social discontent increases and threatens to violently erupt in Europe, has led to a ‘kill ‘em all on suspicion strategy;’ the sanctity of human life clearly no longer exists, in fact, it DIED after the WORLD allowed the US to murder over 500,000 INNOCENT CHILDREN in Iraq with medical embargos and other blockades of critical infrastructure equipment required to maintain the health of urban environments. It should be understood that NATO/US CONSCIOUSLY targets innocents in Psywar strategies in order to break the spirit and will of entire populations and DEMONSTRATE that no moral restriction applies to them -- we are dealing here with the most vile human CRIMINAL filth known to humankind, make no mistake about that!

The world is now – and has been for some time -- a psychological war zone, make no mistake as to the purpose of the CONSTANT barrage of misinformation and intentional omissions in the Corporate mass media today. The war criminal NATO chief recently bragged openly that the Libyan campaign (criminal travesty) was the most ‘successful’ in NATO’s history, while across the Atlantic the US Secretary of State, psychopath Hillary Clinton, openly gloated and laughed on national television, over the horrific and appalling MURDER of Gaddafi, who at no stage forfeited HIS humanity. Take note, THESE ARE THE SICK CRIMINAL TYPES that would soon take charge of the WORLD if we allow it!

You may wonder or conveniently ignore the REALITY you LIVE IN, but be ASSURED, after these forces consolidate resisting global regions, with their criminal tactics, they will turn on local populations/YOU and immediately eliminate the slightest indication of dissent or opposition from anyone; remember, YOU have allowed the summary executions of innocents without outrage and protest, so if and when it is your turn to suffer or die, or be FALSELY ACCUSED and suffer incarceration/torture without hope of release, you WILL understand that YOUR APATHY and COWARDICE came at a price!

You see, we ARE all ONE; the children and other innocents WE allowed to die are really ourselves – you don’t understand yet, do you? Have you ever wondered why some people are born into pleasant environments with every opportunity while others are born into horrific circumstances without the least hope of survival? Yes, indeed you dumb, selfish, cowardly creatures, the universe is PERFECT and INFINITY endures because of its PERFECTION; included in that perfection are the universal LAWS of cause and effect, THERE IS JUSTICE and it is always served!

Have a nice, pathetic day, sheeple.

For those who wish to reclaim their humanity or maintain their INTEGRITY you/WE have a REAL FIGHT to the DEATH on our hands. B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S of us against a few hundred of them, do you think WE could manage a VICTORY with those odds? The identities of the criminal filth behind all the world's woes are for the most part KNOWN to us all. A little co-ordinated Action is all that is required. Do not forget that extra-judicial killings/targeted assassinations are now acceptable forms of achieving desired political goals! Anyone that preaches passivity or opposes DIRECT ACTION today is serving the interests of the man, pure and simple!

Never forget, today the stakes are FREEDOM or ABJECT SLAVERY.

We are ONE or we are Nothing!


Rachel Maddow raises spectre of 'thought crime' euphemistically labelled, "preventative detention!"

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