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The Normalisation of Murder and the Moral Low Ground
by snowy Friday, Nov 4 2011, 8:00am
international / imperialism / commentary

Since the collapse of the USSR, the USA became the undisputed single superpower of the world – heady stuff!

Sociopaths, Clinton and Obama
Sociopaths, Clinton and Obama

A golden opportunity presented itself for a nation that had no real opposition, to take the moral high ground and make the world a better place, to enhance all our lives and lead by example. HOWEVER, as the world and Americans are painfully and shamefully aware, the USA CONSCIOUSLY CHOSE to return to Neanderthal brute force, violence, intimidation, stand over tactics and of late, brazen summary executions, or targeted MURDERS, as a means to an end. It has been revealed that Bin Laden could have easily been taken alive but was executed on orders. Gaddafi, murdered by proxy, was shown no mercy though he and his son had already been captured – they were shot on orders from the CIA/White House.

Hillary Clinton’s indirect admission of guilt, "we came, we saw, he died," and her shameless pathological public gloating has forever diminished and indelibly stained the reputation of the USA; Obama’s White House press conference, stating that America had achieved its (Oil and Banking) objectives (by criminal means) in Libya without placing troops on the ground, did little to offset the world’s REVULSION at the manner in which a captured Gaddafi was inhumanely executed.

Consultants and advisors to the White House actually believed that the recent bloody extra-judicial killings would enhance America’s image world wide; this GROSS miscalculation is now evident to all. Nevertheless, the fact that advisors/sociopaths actually believed that they could gloat publically indicates the degree of dissociative pathology the ruling elites suffer today. Any civilised human being could have advised correctly – THE MORAL, CIVILISED, GLOBAL MAJORITY was/is appalled!

The Libyan intervention has completely demolished all pretence to ‘humanitarian’ or other pretexts for brazen imperialism.

US occupying forces in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) are presently conducting targeted murders/assassinations, which they euphemistically label ‘night raids’ BUT nobody is buying.

I’m afraid it’s all over for the criminal ruling elites – we will ensure that their exit from this world is as painless as possible -- something they didn' t ensure for others.

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