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Take it to the People – make it a WAR cRy!
by baz Tuesday, Nov 1 2011, 11:43pm
international / social/political / commentary

Globalist elites via the Pope (on this occasion) are calling for the establishment of a Central World Bank to more effectively deal with pesky Democrats like the Greek PM, George Papandreou, who decided to take the issue of imposed austerity programs to the Greek people in a DEMOCRATIC REFERENDUM -- a move that has infuriated banker controlled Western European leaders, surely the Greek PM should be aware that there is no room for real democracy in Europe today.


This latest, desperate, comical announcement from a hypocritical 'religious' leader, only highlights the fact that responsibility for the Greek national debt falls squarely on the Banks that irresponsibly continued to lend money to Greece when it had no hope of servicing the burgeoning debt -- the failure is with the BANKS, not with the people of Greece.

Short term 'cocaine thinking' and unbridled avarice ruled the day however, and instead of accepting responsibility for THEIR actions, as we were all taught as infants, bankers, in a pathologically characteristic infantile manner, are unsuccessfully attempting to shift responsibility onto others!

Allow me to express the Greek response in common parlance, NO FUCKIN’ WAY! We support our Greek brothers and sisters in their pursuit of an egalitarian, democratic society, LONG LIVE real Representative DEMOCRACY!

The cause of ALL (make no mistake) of our current economic woes is the Central Reserve Banking system and corporatist globalism, which allowed a toxic debt infection to spread from Wall St to the entire world.

We are witnessing the results of failed centralism today, I hope all the poofs in the Vatican are reading this. Elites tried globalism and deregulated banking and it FAILED in their/our faces.

The solution is abundantly clear; establish SOVEREIGN NATIONAL and regional BANKS and dump the ‘toilet paper greenback’ as the default world currency; re-establish the gold or another standard that is weighted across numerous leading economies -- which prevents any single nation (USA) abusing the situation -- AND HOLD ALL KNOWN CRIMINAL BANKERS and Transnational Corporatists to ACCOUNT for FRAUD, criminal deception and criminal exploitation.

It is abundantly clear today that Banking and Corporatist social PARASITES are responsible for most, if not all, the world’s economic woes and social unrest, frankly, hanging is too good for them. I recommend ‘waterboarding’ on a regular basis until full confessions are extracted – after all, it’s legal in the USA, isn’t it Uncle Dick?

It is TIME to DEMAND that our PUPPET politicians, currently in the service of minority elites, follow Democratic Principles or pay the PRICE for their TRAITOROUS and treasonous behaviour – are you reading this Juliar Gillard, you reprehensible Carbon Tax Banker bitch and Corporatist whore?

Take note puppet politicians everywhere, you will ALL answer to the PEOPLE soon enough – ‘you cannot serve two masters!’

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