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Dykes of the Reich
by ellse Tuesday, Nov 1 2011, 12:51am
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The good ol' days

Fascists have very clear agendas and get things done, when they occupy they really OCCUPY!

Clearly defined objectives, direction, plans, tactics and strategies are characteristic of Fascism; read PNAC and you too will stand in awe of our achievements and successes to date. Marvel at our wonderful (and totally illegal) military interventions, invasions and occupations since the Balkans. Witness how we murder civilians daily and assassinate state leaders with IMPUNITY!

The best the opposition has come up with -- after witnessing a DECADE of OVERT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY -- is a do-nothing, demand nothing, rudderless, lame, protest movement, keep up the good work, lamers!

While you PASSIVE, POWERLESS dummies twirl we constantly MOVE FORWARD!


Fighting under the star-spangled banner, this time WE WILL SUCCEED!

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