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How Dare He Lead a Sovereign, Debt-free Nation – Kill Him!
by nasrudin Monday, Oct 31 2011, 9:54am
international / imperialism / commentary

NATO has ended its Orwellian ‘humanitarian bombing’ mission on Sovereign, DEBT-FREE Libya; Secretary General, Anders ‘Fog’ Rasmussen, described the seven (7) month civilian killing, infra-structure obliterating, campaign as the most successfully enforced ‘no-fly' zone in NATO’s history – NATO only required 26,000 bombing raids in the Orwellian 'no-fly' zone to completely devastate North Africa’s most affluent, successful and progressive nation and FORCE it into eternal (reconstruction) debt to the Global Reserve Banking Cartel! Let it be known that a zero tolerance policy applies to any other nation that dares to free itself from economic slavery to the Global Reserve Banking Cartel!

NATO Sec. General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen - war criminal!
NATO Sec. General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen - war criminal!

Gaddafi’s torture and inhuman summary execution ended seven months of embarrassing, assassination attempts on his life, during which time NATO openly committed war and other crimes against humanity. But an example had to be set for all Africa, either accept our corrupt deals and neo-colonisation/feudalism or you too will suffer the same fate as Gaddafi.

Not content with devastating an entire nation, NATO has delivered the people of Libya into the hands of fundamentalist extremists – the same groups it recently vilified and demonised. NATO and the US also happily agreed to the implementation of a medieval Sharia based legal/social system in exchange for Libyan oil -- that's 'integrity' for you! The Libyan people must be punished for daring to be INDEPENDENT, modern and progressive. So it’s back to the dark ages for Libya – that’s NATO ‘liberation’ and 'democracy' in action -- it has yet to occur to the world that Sharia and Democracy are mutually exclusive ideologies!

[Hang your heads in shame, Russia and China, the two eunuchpowers of the world. General Wesley Clark, in a recent interview, revealed you were bluffed from the start (Kuwait and Balkans), you MISERABLE COWARDS. The fact remains that no nation today, including the USA, could successfully match your combined military might -- continental America and Western Europe could be OBLITERATED in an instant, but balls and UNSHAKABLE resolve are required to stand America and NATO down, you gutless wonders.]

Report from Reuters follows:

NATO concludes Libya mission after seven months
by David Brunnstrom

NATO ends its military operation in Libya at midnight on Monday, seven months after launching an air and sea campaign that helped bring the overthrow and death of Muammar Gaddafi.

In announcing the decision last week, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen called it "one of the most successful" operations in the history of the 62-year-old alliance.

Rasmussen will mark the end of the mission by visiting Libya on Monday, where he will meet Libya's National Transitional Council and members of civil society, the alliance said.

Despite Rasmussen's depiction of the mission, the NATO intervention caused sharp rifts in the alliance and went on much longer than Western nations had expected or wanted.

NATO stuck to its decision to end the operation despite NTC calls for it to stay engaged longer and says it does not expect to play a major post-war role, although it could assist the transition to democracy by helping with security sector reform.

NATO took over the mission on March 31, based on a United Nations mandate that set a no-fly zone over Libya and permitted foreign military forces, including NATO, to use "all necessary measures" to protect Libyan civilians.

That mandate was terminated last Thursday, despite a request for the U.N. Security Council to wait for the NTC to decide if it wants NATO help to secure its borders.

NATO allies have been keen to see a quick conclusion to a costly effort that has involved more than 26,000 air sorties and round-the-clock naval patrols at a time when budgets are under severe strain due to the global economic crisis.

But NATO officials said members of the alliance are free to give further security aid to Libya individually.

The NTC officially announced Libya's liberation on October 23, days after the capture and death of Gaddafi. NATO commanders have said they believe the interim administration is able to take care of the country's security.

Libya has been the first NATO operation in which the United States sought to step back from a leading role and prompted some sharp criticism from Washington of the capabilities of allies after they failed to secure the quick results hoped for.

The U.S. ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, and the alliance's top operations commander, U.S. Admiral James Stavridis, hailed the success of the mission on Monday in a commentary in the New York Times, but reiterated the need for allies to address the shortcomings in capabilities it revealed.

While calling it a "true alliance effort" in which non-U.S. allies flew 75 percent of the air missions, they said the United States played a leading role in destroying Libya's air defense system and providing critical resources, including the vast majority of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and the aerial refueling assets.

Fourteen NATO members and four other states provided naval and air forces, but only eight NATO nations took part in combat missions. Some big NATO states, notably Germany, had opposed the intervention.

Daalder and Stavridis said U.S. planes flew a quarter of all sorties over Libya, France and Britain a third of all missions -- most of them strike operations -- and the remaining participants flew roughly 40 percent.

© 2011 Thomson Reuters


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Into Africa!
by Eric Margolis via reed - Monday, Oct 31 2011, 10:23am

Wasted $1 trillion in the futile Iraq war? Being defeated by medieval Afghan tribesmen? Can’t pay your bills at home or abroad? Government paralyzed? Worried about China?

What’s the answer? Simple.

A new little war in Africa.

Having finished off former ally Muammar Gadaffi, the US Pentagon, CIA, and the new US Africa Command are now focusing on East Africa.

In recent weeks, the long simmering conflict in the Horn of Africa burst into flames as the US and France intensified military operations against Somalia’s rag-tag nationalist/Islamist militia, Shebab.

Western politicians and media warn Shebab is a dire international threat that must be stamped out, though most could not find Somalia on a world map.

Though CIA chief Leon Panetta recently admitted only 25-50 al-Qaida members were active in Afghanistan, it seems new al-Qaida threats are popping up all over Africa and the Mideast.

Just in time for Halloween, the ghost of Osama bin Laden is haunting us.

The US will send 100 special hunter-killer troops to Uganda, an undemocratic US ally. This new US force will also operate in Congo (ex-Zaire), Central African Republic, Kenya, and South Sudan – whose independence from Sudan was recently engineered by Washington.

The ostensible reason America’s new involvement in darkest Africa is a deeply obscure bunch of Ugandan bush rebels, the Lord’s Resistance Army, that has been kidnapping villagers and stealing chickens for decades.

At the same time, Washington is bankrolling a Kenyan invasion of southern Somalia, and France is providing naval support and arms. Kenya says it is reacting to attacks from Somalia by Shebab. But the real attackers were more likely traditional local Somali bandits known as “shiftas.”

CIA teams, US-financed mercenaries, Predator drones and Ethiopian forces are currently attacking Shebab.

All this should have been unnecessary. In 2005, a moderate Muslim movement, the Islamic Courts Union, had established control over most of chaotic southern and central Somalia. This was its first stable government since 1991.

But the Bush administration, still reeling from 9/11, went ballistic over the name “Islamic” and ordered the Courts Union overthrown. In early 2006, Washington financed Ethiopia, a close US ally, to invade Somalia. The Courts Union government was duly ousted, but the Ethiopians, ancient blood foes of the Somalis, had to eventually withdraw, leaving more chaos in their wake.

Enter Shebab, an Islamic youth organization dedicated to liberating Somalia from foreign control. Its fiery leaders took 19th Century Somali resistance to British colonialism as their model, and imposed Sharia law.

Meanwhile, northern Somalia went its own way in the form of autonomous Puntland and Somaliland, from which piracy flourishes.

The US set up a figurehead regime in Mogadishu, the grandly titled but powerless and derided “Transitional Federal Government,” which was sustained by 9,000 US financed Ugandan mercenaries called the “African Union Peace Force,” backed by Ethiopian forces on the border. US drones, fighter aircraft and special forces based in Djibouti now routinely attack Somali targets as well as ones in Yemen.

In the midst of this bloody confusion, famine and drought are ravaging the Horn of Africa, producing millions of desperate refugees. Shebab is accused of blocking food aid. But Shebeb sees the UN and other aid groups as “soft power” tools of the western powers.

Doesn’t Washington have enough on its hands without sending troops to Uganda and Somalia, or South Sudan?

The US is moving into southern Africa for two main reasons. First, to secure South Sudan’s important oil deposits and possible energy finds in Uganda. Second, to block the spread of further Chinese economic influence in the region. France’s neoconservative government is greatly alarmed by China’s involvement in its African sphere of influence.

However, there are manifest dangers for the US. Washington may get sucked into a complex, turbulent region in which it has no real strategic interests other than the lust for energy and a knee-jerk reaction to anything Islamic.

The White House is supposed to be cutting expenses at a time when budgets are out of control and 44 million Americans subsist on food stamps.

Let Washington’s squabbling politicians deal with budget headaches says the mighty US national security establishment. We’re in charge. Onward to Kampala and Juba!

© 2011 Eric Margolis

started here
by gan Monday, Oct 31 2011, 10:51am

you think Libya was a mess, here's where it all started:

note how Maddow AVOIDS the REAL issue, WAR CRIMES and criminal intent -- just another American media lackey working for the man, but pretending not to!

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