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Essence of Yoga
by sadh Sunday, Oct 30 2011, 11:24am
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In a world of media induced frenetic mental agitation, which serves to confuse, paralyse and distract the population, nefarious MINORITY interests work tirelessly in the background to realise their ambitions. Today, it has become acceptable – in the absence of appropriate responses -- for (some) nations to OPENLY invade, MURDER/assassinate, TORTURE, plunder and enslave with impunity while those same nations demand that others obey the law and are held accountable for their crimes! The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) currently underway in Australia presents us with a good example of the inverted logic and prevailing lunacy that plagues the western world today.

Juliar Gillard, the PM of the host nation, Australia, ‘talks’ democratic reform while she openly engages in trashing real Democratic principles; Gillard recently IMPOSED a clearly unwanted Carbon Tax on her nation; the MAJORITY -- over 60% of the population -- strenuously opposed this tax yet in the most undemocratic manner the PM FORCED this Tax on the entire population.

The CHOGM summit also raised the spectre of war crimes and human rights abuses among member nations while at the same time allowing a known and proven war criminal, the president of Sri Lanka, to attend the summit without fear of arrest. ‘Hypocritical to the extreme,’ I hear you say, indeed!

The malaise which affects most western nations today finds its source in the profound spiritual bankruptcy and loss of meaning experienced by the majority of people living under perverse, western value systems. In the not too distant past, social reaction to criminal leaders was immediate and passionate; today the ACTION borne of righteous indignation has been replaced with passivity, apathy and cowardice. Today’s astonishing passivity would seem a VERY INAPPROPRIATE RESPONSE in view of the major problems we all face.

Governments that engaged in criminality in the past were scorned and admonished by the people; offending political leaders were attacked relentlessly until they either resigned or stood trial; it was not uncommon to see all manner of officials facing jail terms in that period.

State crimes in the form of targeted assassinations, illegal invasions, plunder and oppressive military occupations would NOT have been tolerated. Offending leaders of the past were roundly condemned and hounded out of office by the MORAL MAJORITY. A strong sense of ‘community/society’ prevailed in those times.

Today, heinous criminal actions committed by criminal governments are graphically covered in the corporate media; as if to say HERE, what are YOU going to do about it? Populations today are CONFRONTED almost daily with the horrific crimes of their leaders. The failure of society to respond appropriately to this overt challenge is symptomatic of a much deeper social problem affecting the population, disconnection from basic morality and the (innate) sense of right and wrong.

Over the past decade the decline has been rapid and widespread, today society accepts the regular killing of innocent civilians and targeted political assassinations as normal! This loss of basic morality and integrity, leads to ruin and collapse on a personal and social level.

Remedies are always available, the sources of social injustice must be targeted and eradicated; it is not difficult hauling criminal banksters, corporatists and puppet politicians before the courts and then hanging them after due process! The criminally culpable must PAY for their horrendous crimes against humanity, not be allowed to roam freely enjoying the fruits of their ill-gotten gains, as they do today.

If society fails to address and rectify serious social problems then we must look to ourselves for the reasons, as we ARE society!

A brief word about mind control and the process of psychologically ‘breaking’ individuals and groups before I proceed to the sublime art and science of psychological emancipation/Yoga:

Experts and specialists are aware that by constantly confronting individuals or societies with mixed, CONTRADICTORY messages accompanied by imminent threats of danger/violence or the prospect of failure, passive dependence is created. This type of bombardment/ASSAULT tends to confuse, destabilise and pacify the target. The more aggressive and sustained the (contradictory) psychological assault, the more passive and compliant the target becomes; the individual or group eventually looks to the abusing power for guidance and approval, as all other avenues of direction have been closed.

There is nothing new or mysterious in these mind control techniques; religious, political and cult leaders have used them since humans first formed social groups, indeed, keen observation reveals that some parents unconsciously utilise these techniques, in a much milder form, on their children.

So wonder not why entire societies appear confused, lost and incapable of APPROPRIATE RESPONSES when they are confronted with monstrous crimes committed by their leaders almost daily!

Without a clearly defined base/position from which to act and BE, remedial action becomes impossible or at best spasmodic and unsustained. So how do we achieve clarity in the midst of CONSTANT PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE and how do we tap into our unshakeable personal strength?

Classic Yoga offers solutions for most of our personal and social ills and is a well trodden path to permanent Liberation.

Now please do not confuse classic Hindu Yoga – which is the process of stilling the mind and releasing our creative potential -- with the ‘gift wrapped,’ commercial product sold in the United States and elsewhere.

Real Yoga is FREE, it’s not a commercial product; genuine teachers cannot and do not sell initiation or Yoga; however, they are able to accept donations and other VOLUNTARY offerings in order to cover expenses.

Real Yoga is defined as the process of eliminating mental chatter/static; a quiet mind allows our innate consciousness uninterrupted free expression. Understand that Yoga is perfectly natural and ease-y, no strain, stress or force is involved; the only requirement for guaranteed success is regular practice. There is nothing more beneficial and natural for human beings than authentic Yoga; most people take to it like a duck takes to water, the benefits of stilling the mind are immediate!

Everything that EXISTS is an expression of infinite creation; as such everything is DIRECTLY connected to its source. Every world, plane or dimension conforms to its own particular laws and modes of expression and each world or being has its own unique route back to its source.

Earth consciousness expresses itself through three dimensions, our bodies are three dimensional vehicles with certain characteristics; however, we need only concern ourselves with the central nervous system and hormone producing endocrine system at this stage.

The central nervous system has three main features important to aspiring Yogis, the nerve ganglia or plexuses, the spine and brain. Our vitality is generated and stored in the nerve ganglia and is utilised primarily by the brain. Yoga fortifies, invigorates and strengthens the central nervous system and allows nerve conduits and currents to accumulate an abundance of ‘neural energy’ known in various cultures as Chi, Prana, Orgone, Ether etc. The synchronisation and subsequent ‘upward’ movement of this energy manifests as a force known in India as Kundalini, which is merely a signifier of a particular stage in a Process. ‘Upward moving’ cultivated ‘neural energy’ floods the major plexuses and brain producing the most sublime Bliss, Peace and knowledge/AWARENESS.

The same energy that produces sexual orgasm also produces Nirvana/Samadhi, though a vastly increased amount of bio-plasmic neural energy is required for Samadhi/Nirvana. I make the distinction by referring to an ‘upward’ direction in relation to Samadhi/Nirvana, as opposed to the ‘downward’ direction of sexual orgasm, for convenience only, I would emphasise that I attribute no value assessments to these arbitrary ‘directions.’ However, it should be emphasised that considerably more ‘neural energy’ is required for the culmination of Yogic practice, Samadhi/Nirvana, than sexual orgasm, so it is imperative that we do not SQUANDER this energy on transient hedonistic and sensual pursuits, as western culture encourages; we risk failure if we engage in cheap thrills and who would risk permanent Liberation for a fuck?

Expending this cultivated energy on sexual gratification is a recipe for failure and early burn-out – hedonists are plentiful, enlightened sages are few.

Yoga teaches us to conserve our vital energy; western culture teaches us to dissipate it; Yoga centres our Being, western culture scatters it; Yoga strengthens our character and sense of Being, culture weakens it, and on it goes. Wonder no more why entire populations are confused, lost, burnt-out and afraid!

As previously stated, YOGA focuses on the elimination of mental static and the free release of CONSCIOUSNESS, which is achieved through meditative practice, not contortionism or stretching your tendons; whereas the faddish, commercial product is all external show and action-display – you can’t sell a motionless figure sitting in profound meditation/absorption!

It should never be forgotten that Yoga is primarily a mental discipline, the steadying and strengthening influence of the psychological component automatically moves cultivated energy ‘upward’ and stabilises it in the system (ganglia) for distribution when required; however, the energy that commercial ‘yoga salons’ produce seeks immediate release, as no proper foundation/preparation has been made. In the absence of a strong foundation, culture intervenes and ensures that this energy finds expression in sensual or sexual pursuits. I would here EMPHASISE that any loss of cultivated/accumulated pranic energy before Yoga practice reaches its final stage is to be avoided, otherwise Yoga practice becomes just another form of dissipation and wasted opportunity.

I need not go into specifics on Yoga methodologies as many excellent texts by highly regarded authors have previously done so. However, I would recommend two classic texts; ‘Raja Yoga’ by Swami Vivekananda and ‘The Serpent Power’ by Sir John Woodroffe. Both texts are invaluable to students of Eastern philosophy and Yoga and have not been surpassed to this day.


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