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Onward to Syria!
by quill Thursday, Oct 27 2011, 1:19am
international / peace/war / commentary

While American alternative commentators and analysts, who SHOULD KNOW BETTER, continue to be ‘fascinated’ with the OTPOR/CANVAS engineered do-nothing, Occupy movement -- the world’s first DO-NOTHING ‘movement’ -- the REAL FORCES OF CHANGE haven’t missed a beat since their criminal interventijon in the Balkans.

While intellectually ‘captured’ commentators continue to laud a movement DESIGNED to achieve NOTHING and write commentary on distractions, realise that the criminal activities of NATO and the US, which now include the normalisation of (illegal) targeted assassinations and horrendous sexual assaults of their targeted victims (Gaddafi), continue to move forward on the ground and will continue to do so until they ARE PHYSICALLY STOPPED!

The MASS MURDERING, criminal forces of real CHANGE are about to move on SYRIA – that is the REAL-ity, dreamboats!

I really have to hand it to the elites this time; they have captured (almost) all the alternative American press with a hollow, bells and whistles, flashing lights display designed to NEUTRALISE and DISTRACT, while ‘they’ continue to commit war crimes and normalise those crimes – give me a fuckin’ break you vacuum-headed imbeciles!

Puppet Obama openly boasted in a recent press conference how, “without putting a single US service member on the ground, we achieved our [nefarious] objectives,” [special forces and CIA agents clearly don't count!]

However, fortunately for the thinking, FREE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD not ALL commentators have been captured by the SAME propagandist forces that planned the criminal Libyan intervention AND the ‘Occupy’ movement – a little research goes a long way, doodles!

Whatever they put in the drinking water over there and whatever subliminal messages populate the subtexts of American TV content – IT WORKS! Are you readings this, Hedges, DeGraw, Olbermann, Maddow, Uygur, Taibbi, Goodman and the rest? [Fair Dinkum they are weak-minded over there!]

Even Jesus Christ -- by EXAMPLE -- constantly railed against the criminally corrupt ruling elites of his day, he CLEARLY DEFINED an ALTERNATIVE IDEOLOGY and ACTED ON IT by marching on the Capital where he attacked the corrupt Banksters/money changers with a whip and PHYSICALLY EJECTED them from the Temple! The CHRISTIAN NARRATIVE IS VERY CLEAR regarding social reform! I’m a Buddhist but have no difficulty interpreting the actions of a REAL SOCIAL REFORMER when one is so clearly and distinctly presented in a NARRATIVE – you dumb, useless, American fucks!

Meanwhile back where REAL things are happening, nefarious elites are about to move on Syria -- you see, while commentary rages over the Libyan travesty, IT SERVES to DEFLECT attention away from the next criminal engagement – THAT IS HOW IT WORKS, dreamboats, ‘the quick and the [literal] dead!’

NATO’s crimes from the Balkans through to Libya remain academic if no APPROPRIATE REMEDIAL ACTION is taken BY THE PEOPLE; it is clearly evident today that no other force is able to change the current Status Quo – the elites have corrupted every State institution from government down, which could pose a threat to their nefarious plans for GLOBAL hegemony. Now wake the fuck up, PLAN and take A-C-T-I-O-N against the Bankster and Corporatist filth behind ALL the murder, destruction, economic chaos and mayhem the world is experiencing today.

When dealing with homicidal, criminal forces every 'remedial' option should be considered, no option should be ignored – these vile characters have just normalised targeted assassinations/murder in case you haven’t noticed! O, but I forget, we are ‘Occupying,’ drinking 'tap water' and watching ‘American idol’ on TV, for fuck’s sake!

Martin Luther King was the last America to follow the example of his Christian Saviour by MARCHING on the Capital with very clear DEMANDS and objectives; he REAL-ised his ‘dream’ and achieved the emancipation/freedom of his PEOPLE -- now compare that towering figure with that repugnant, servile punk, Obama!

This White House press release is of value in spite of its flagrant lies, inaccuracies and revisionism. The invasion of Libya and removal of Gaddafi was planned years before the CIA fomented 'rebellion.' Gen. Wesley Clark and other former high ranking officials are on record verifying the planned Balkan, Libyan, Syrian, Iraq, Afghanistan and future Iranian invasions and resource appropriations -- minority criminal elites have an agenda -- GLOBAL hegemony -- and work tirelessly toward its fulfillment!

The tailored misrepresentations and lies Obama is obediently mouthing in this video is the way elites would like the world to perceive events in Libya. In the absence of opposing views and correcting forces this revisionist propaganda will become accepted recorded history.

Elites have been informed that all recorded information will soon fall under their control, probably via Google's plan to digitize all available information and then place it online in any form they wish -- Google's chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a regular attendee at Bilderberg gatherings, so you needn't think this is wild conjecture on my part -- IT IS disturbing FACT!

If the PEOPLE do not OPPOSE the overt criminal forces that have hijacked our representative democracies and restore law, justice and Liberty soon, then their future (complete) enslavement is ASSURED!

NEVER FORGET that Libya under Gaddafi was a DEBT FREE, SOVEREIGN nation, one of the few, if not the only nation in the world that was not indebted to the Global Reserve Banking MAFIA -- a situation that criminal Banking cartels could not tolerate; hence the panicked installation of a Reserve Bank, "with Governor," in Benghazi during the 2nd week of a raging conflict!

VIOLENTLY IMPOSED 'western democracy' (neocolonialism) will no doubt come with a HUGE international DEBT BURDEN to the Banking elites -- all those costly American bombs and missiles -- which of course will be payable via bargain basement oil prices and social slavery!

The African Union must CONTINUE its efforts to establish its own Independent GOLD-based banking system envisioned by Gaddafi -- there is no better defense against western neocolonialism, be advised, brothers! Latin America would soon follow and the Asian economic powerhouse would not be averse to this outcome.

We are ONE.


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Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now marching straight off the globalist cliff
by Patrick Henningsen via stylus - 21st Century Wire Thursday, Oct 27 2011, 1:46am

It was inevitable that a movement which has struggled to agree on a manifesto, would in the end, do the bidding of the very elite globalist powers that they are demonstrating against to begin with.

Instead of achieving freedom from Central Bank debt enslavement, naive Occupiers appear to have taken the bait, pulling the mob towards endorsing a global taxation system, and one to be administered…by a brand new global government body.

As the Occupy Movementsets its sights on the upcoming G20 Summit in France on November 3-4, its globalist handlers behind the scenes have succeeded in carefully directing its crowds towards the Holy Grail of all socialist super-states - the celebrity supported, trendy “Robin Hood Tax”, also known as a Tobin Tax, a financial transaction tax levied on all transactions involving shares, bonds and derivatives. Or so the plan goes.

The resulting funds, they claim, counted in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year, would go toward popular Bono-led liberal heart-string fantasy causes like ‘reducing poverty in the third world’, social programs and surprise, surprise… “combating climate change” and perhaps even saving polar bears – a move that would surely please desperate men like Al Gore (but a complete waste of money seeing that man-made global warming has already been thoroughly discredited).

The rallying cry for this globalist wet dream is coming directly from the supposed brain-child of the Occupy Movement, the globalist-backed and Soros foundation-funded organization, Ad Bustersquietly shepherding its flock towards one of the biggest revenue spinning and control scams ever conceived.

Reuters reported Monday:

“Canada-based Adbusters wants the Occupy Wall Street protest movement against economic inequality to take to the streets to call for a 1 percent tax on such deals ahead of a November 3-4 summit of the Group of 20 (G20) leading economies in France.

“Let’s send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3 trillion easy money that’s sloshing around the global casino each day — enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world,” the activist group said on its website,

Adbusters put out the initial call for Occupy Wall Street and since protesters set up camp in a park in New York City’s financial district on September 17, they have inspired solidarity demonstrations and so-called occupations around the world.”

One might feel some compassion for Occupiers, keen to grab all of that “easy money sloshing around”… if only utopia was that easy.

In many ways, the Robin Hood Tax is an identical transaction-tax scam to the one proposed by globalists at the 2009 UN COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where a number of new taxes on financial transactions and new carbon taxes would be put into a giant “slush fund” to be handled by none other than the World Bank.

Ultimately, any Robin Hood Tax will most likely end up in a giant fund to “ensure that banks are adequately capitalized”, and one which will be used to bailout, or insure big bank losses and trillions in gambling derivative bets gone bad.

In reality, a Robin Hood Tax does just the opposite of what its name represents. Rather than stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, it is designed to steal more money through taxation from working people- money which will end up directly in the hands of institutions like the US Federal Reserve and its cartel of Wall Street banks.

In addition, such a power to levy tax will bring with it new taxes bolted on later, blanket financial taxes will eventually end up on the end of things like cash withdrawls and money transfers. Sadly, this is how governments behave.

OWS losing the plot

It’s very easy for the throngs of young protesters to fall into an obvious socialist, or collectivist trap, as many naive young Americans are unable, or unwilling, to liberate themselves from the Hegelian dialectic which tells them that the government must raise taxes and spending in order  to achieve any social progress.

It’s obvious that the number one and two problems in America are a lack of jobs and creeping inflation, a duel plague which is fueling a dropping standard of living in the US and Europe- and ultimately dissent globally. Occupiers are not asking why their government allowed US corporations to ship millions of American jobs off shore, and why it never bothered to offer incentives to foreign corporations to relocate in the US. Likewise Occupiers have not identified that their own Federal Reserve is robbing them every day by creating artificial scarcity, driving the kind of boom and bust cycles which ultimately rob Americans of their life saving and assets.

Rather than demand an additional new monster system of taxation, Occupiers should first be asking if any government can be trusted to spend their tax revenue responsibly. Certainly today it seems that pork rules in Washington and Obama’s Administration is presiding over the biggest budget deficit in the history of the US. This should be cause for alarm, yet, it’s hardly mentioned by the Occupy crowd.

Incredibly, the Occupy Movement are not asking the government to cut spending- and become fiscally responsible.

They might also consider asking their beloved government in Washington – and elsewhere around the globe too, where all their tax revenue actually goes right now. If they understood that at present, their Federal Income Tax(in some cases, collected at gunpoint by the IRS) goes directly to paying off the debt which their government owes on each and every dollar printed by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.

Any market tax would have to go global in order to keep industry within participating nations. Occupiers would surely be wary of allowing a Federal or global government to erect a new massive taxation system, no? Apparently, one of the great features of the Occupy Movement in America is their overwhelming loyalty and trust in the Obama administration. If it were a Republican administration in power, then it is certain that demonstrations would take a much more anti-government tone.

The OWS has, to their credit, urged protesters to close their bank accounts and transfer their money to credit unions with a bank transfer day on November 5th, certainly a step in a positive direction. But is it enough?

Real Solution: Disengage with the financial system

It’s an age-old saying, “If you’re not happy, then get out”. OWS protesters should be talking about taking steps to completely disengage from the system that enslaves them- this might include removing their hard-earned liquidity from the system by canceling all credit cards, not taking out student loans, or pointless car and electronic loans.

Another obvious trap of the Robin Hood Tax is that it could(and will) be used target all transactions – including pension funds. Occupiers might instead consider not paying in their pensions and 401K’s into stock market-indexed retirement funds. For older protesters, it might be a case of shifting their IRAs into gold and silver-backed retirement funds, disallowing the speculators and gamblers on Wall Street to decimate their life savings any further.

Has their been any call for a mass protest against the IRS, who continue to defy the US Constitution by robbing each and every working American of their labor and property in order to service their national debt to the Federal Reserve cartel? Certainly this would rock the establishment overnight. The Occupy Movement would have struck the most serious- and the most obvious blow imaginable, one which would finally call into question the legitimacy of the unconstitutional Federal income tax.

Or even better, Occupiers might consider taking the total expenditure of the US military domestically and overseas , and divide by the number of working Americans, giving them an individual figure of money which each protester will refuse to hand over to the Federal government in taxation- a peace protest combined with an intelligent liberty move by free men and women.

Sadly, none of these kind of truly revolutionary ideas have come out of the Liberty Square protests. Instead, all they could manage in the end, is to latch on to one of the most misleading and tyrannical establishment schemes, The Robin Hood Tax - where the 99% end up giving the 1% even more of their hard-earned cash. It addresses the symptom of the financial collapse, not the problem, leaving all the old players still in play to create more bubbles and make fortunes by crashing new markets.

Ironic, but this is the current direction which the angry, but naive OWS mob is being led.

If any of the 99% truly believe that the top-tier banks would happily give away billions per year to the new Robin Hood Taxman, then think again.

As history shows, their new tax will likely be imposed more stringently on small to medium size institutions and fund managers in an effort to drive out any competition to the mega banks- who already enjoy cuts to corporate income tax, and in some cases, pay no tax at all. Big banks are safe, but smaller competition will surely be hit hard by a Robin Hood Tax- ensuring the current hierarchy stays exactly as it is. This has always been the way when blanket government regulations and punitive taxes come into play.

In typically disingenuous fashion, when a mob has no clear objective it normally plays follow the leader. In this case, the leader is foundation-funded Ad Busters, who have supplied the directionless, brainless OWS movement with the very master plan to its own demise.

There, the Supreme General Assembly has taken the bait.

Here, here, Robin of the Hood.

Author retains copyright.


Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation - GIABO!
by fleet Thursday, Oct 27 2011, 10:38pm

Only a GLOBAL MOVEMENT, an ACTIVE (as in Europe) UNITED FRONT has any chance of success against the criminal Banker elites. Passive protest is what US Bankers paid for and got with the Occupy 'movement' in the US -- BEWARE and BE AWARE!

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