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Oz Attorney General Refuses War Crimes Trail for Sri Lankan President
by judd Tuesday, Oct 25 2011, 11:06am
international / injustice/law / commentary

The most Washington compliant and traitorous Oz government in history, Juliar Gillard’s Labor government, has again lived up to its vile, and traitorous reputation. The Attorney General, Robert McClelland, the same as took possession of Julian Assange’s passport and was ready to revoke his citizenship so that Washington would have an easier time of apprehending him in the future, has again taken directives from the world’s leading civilian killing, terrorist nation and allowed Washington favoured Sri Lankan President and KNOWN WAR CRIMINAL to go free.

Sri Lankan President and war criminal, Mahinda Rajapaksa
Sri Lankan President and war criminal, Mahinda Rajapaksa

It is a measure of total subservience to Washington that also saw the PM, Juliar Gillard, label Assange a “criminal” when no charges had been proven against him! Gillard’s defence minister, Stephen ‘kneepads’ Smith, had only the week before feebly attempted to gloss over Gillard’s approval of FIVE new full scale US military BASES in Oz, by referring to them as 'joint facilities' not bases! Charges of treason would not be inappropriate for a number of senior ministers in the Gillard government who have followed their PM’s lead in surrendering Australian sovereignty and self-determination to a foreign power – the case is easily proven!

An abundance of hard documentary evidence of extra-judicial killings, rapes and other atrocities committed by Sinhalese forces in the closing stages of the campaign against the LTTE, exists in the public domain; indeed the authenticated material has been the source of numerous documentaries and news coverage in Oz and abroad. Yet the lackey AG cites diplomatic immunity as the reason he declined to pursue charges against the Lankan President.

No valid legal arguments exist that would see a known war criminal avoid accountability. We refer to numerous international political leaders that have been dragged before the extremely partial ICC at the Hague for verification. McClelland’s excuse simply does not hold and his feeble attempt to please his Washington masters is evident to all. Need we remind the Attorney General that Washington now openly – “we came, we saw, he died” referring to the murder of Col. Gaddafi – engages in the assassination of international leaders disapproved of by Washington, as 'normal' policy.

I would remind Gillard, her AG and other senior ministers that this is NOT criminal America; Oz continues to abide by civilised laws not political expediency. Local laws are very easily applied to treasonous politicians, most notably brazen war criminal and former PM, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard, who knowingly lied Australian into the illegal Iraq war. If diplomatic immunity does not apply to the many accused political leaders hauled before the Hague courts then it would seem a very feeble avoiding tactic here.

We also recall the Sri Lankan Ambassador claiming that war crimes “do not apply to the victors,” citing America as the example! Well, we would draw attention to the depths to which Washington has sunk and the increased overt criminal activity America now engages in, which today includes the overt assassination of national political leaders, as proof of a society descending into lawlessness.

While Canberra politicians may choose to risk future prosecution for circumventing legal process, the Oz population continues to respect the law and acknowledges that the LAW must apply to ALL without fear or favour or regard to one’s station in life.

It should also be noted that without the support of American UAV 'Drone' reconnaissance the campaign against the LTTE would not have been successful.


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No war crimes case against Sri Lanka leader
by staff report via gan - ABC (Oz) Tuesday, Oct 25 2011, 12:04pm

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland has refused to allow a war crimes case against the Sri Lankan president to proceed in Australia.

Retired engineer Jegan Waran, 63, has filed charges in the Melbourne Magistrates Court against Mahinda Rajapaksa, claiming civilian targets were bombed in 2009 during Sri Lanka's civil war.

The president has arrived in Perth for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

Mr McClelland's consent is needed for such cases to proceed. His office issued a statement saying he would be in breach of international laws which provide immunity to heads of diplomatic missions if he allowed the case to go ahead.

"Those immunities include personal inviolability including from any form of arrest or detention and immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving state," a spokesman for Mr McClelland said.

Thousands of civilians were killed in the three-decades-long civil war which came to an end when Sri Lankan forces defeated Tamil rebels in 2009.

Claims that Sri Lankan armed forces deliberately attacked civilians are not new, but this is the first time charges have been brought by an Australian citizen in an Australian court.

In 2007, Mr Waran, a Tamil man, returned to Sri Lanka from Australia to offer what assistance he could, volunteering in Tamil hospitals, schools and displaced persons camps.

It was here he says he witnessed Sri Lankan military forces deliberately attacking clearly marked civilian infrastructure such as hospitals.

"Patients were killed and patients who were in the hospital were killed, and there were other patients waiting for treatment, they were killed," Mr Waran said.

"There was a medical store where they kept the medicines; those were destroyed, scattered all over the place, you can see.

"Ambulances were destroyed. So I have seen that personally."

Mr Waran says on Christmas Day 2008, drones circled another hospital before Sri Lankan air force planes attacked.

"The hospital, clearly a big Red Cross sign was marked on the roof, and drones usually take surveillance, so I'm very positive that they know where the hospital is and they know it will be damaged," he said.

This and other incidents have led him to issue summonses for three war crimes charges against Sri Lanka's president.

He says he wants to bring these charges against Mr Rajapaksa "because I feel that he's the commander-in-chief and nothing would have happened without his knowledge or his directions, and ultimately, he should be answerable to what was happening".

Sri Lanka's government has repeatedly denied allegations of war crimes.

Last week, the International Commission of Jurists suggested Sri Lanka's high commissioner to Australia, Thisara Samarasinghe, who led the navy in the north of the country, be investigated for war crimes.

The Australian Federal Police is examining the allegations.

"Such allegations are baseless and unsubstantiated. In the contrary, I have been commended for my role during the period of my career," Mr Samarasinghe said.

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