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Libyan people now ‘free’ to suffer beheadings, amputations, flogging and stoning under Sharia Law
by quin Monday, Oct 24 2011, 9:00am
international / human rights / commentary

This is what the UN, NATO and US fought to achieve – choke on it, people!

The REALITY hit home today after the chairman of the new Libya/NTC announced that Libya would be the first nation in the modern world to implement the medieval Sharia legal system; chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil, also urged other Arab nations to follow suit – O, what have you done US/NATO?

Gaddafi’s Libya was a secular, liberal paradise compared to the primitive doctrine of Sharia. Nevertheless, today’s announcement serves to highlight how unprincipled US/NATO criminals actually are; they would accommodate anything including the devil in order to turn a devil’s PROFIT.

Sharia Law is COMPLETELY out of step with the modern enlightened world, we NO LONGER kill or maim people for minor social offences. For Christ’s sake, do you remember Jesus, the Christian saviour defending women against such primitive practices two thousand years ago?

For fuck’s sake America and NATO, what have you done to our WORLD? Ruling elites will have plenty to answer for! No amount of monetary gain is worth condemning an entire population to primitive barbarism; O, but I forget, we are dealing with psychopaths who consider it a small price to pay in order to achieve their nefarious Corporate goals.

Stand condemned you unspeakable vile, WESTERN filth; may the REALITY of a hangman’s noose haunt your dreams. Allah is not required, simple JUSTICE will do all the necessary work! I can hardly believe the level of hypocrisy and depravity to which western ruling elites have sunk today!

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