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Libya after Gaddafi: terrorist groups now armed to the teeth with sophisticated weaponry
by gan Sunday, Oct 23 2011, 11:16am
international / peace/war / commentary

Behind the staged 'jubilation' and sky-shooting of NTC rebel forces after the summary executions of Muammar Gaddafi and his son, Mutassim, a grim reality smoulders in the background ready to burst into flame at any time. Where have all Gaddafi's high-tech weapons gone? The former Libyan leader made no secret of the fact that he freely distributed millions of Kalashnikov small arms and ammunition to his loyalist supporters but the sophisticated weaponry he was known to possess cannot be accounted for in rebel controlled Libya. Rebels were only supplied standard weaponry by a number of nations, NATO, Israel, the Saudis and other (oil-grubbing) vested interests.

Russian SA-24 SAM
Russian SA-24 SAM

It was clear from the beginning that disparate, motley, rebel groups which include numerous jihadist groups -- al-Qaeda among them -- have their own agendas which have little in common with western corporate, oil and banking interests.

Thousands of anti-personnel mines, light arms, ammunition, sophisticated explosive materials, naval mines and highly portable and deadly SA-24 surface to air missiles went missing during the criminal US/NATO bombing campaign against Gaddafi. Indeed, during hostilities disparate rebel groups were vying with each other over weapons depots and government armouries, which were raided as a matter of priority in every town seized by rebel forces!

Despite all the charades of success in the Corporate mass media today, the Libyan war was/IS a complete disaster. Sirte has taken on the appearance of Dresden after the allied bombing of WWII; thousands of civilians, which NATO was commissioned to protect by the UN, have been killed by NATO bombing; US/NATO forces obsessed with un-mandated regime change sacrificed international security in order to serve oil and banking interests first.

There will be hell to pay as caches of highly sophisticated, terrorist weaponry have already fallen into the hands of extremist groups -- huge loads of stolen weaponry from Libya are being traded on the black weapons market as I write!

When the first of many civilian passenger jets is downed by terrorists look to NATO, the US, Oil Transnationals and the Global Reserve Banking cartel for compensation.

The US and NATO have done it again, after every new criminal military intervention the world becomes progressively more unstable and dangerous; well done you inept, avaricious, thieving, destructive morons -- it would be appropriate if the passenger jets of NATO nations and other allied countries are targeted first by terrorist groups. We shall see, what goes around, comes around!



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same formula
by radley Monday, Oct 24 2011, 12:05am

Think laterally, it serves US interests if these weapons end up in the hands of terrorists .... more destabilization, war and chaos offer unlimited excuses for American intervention. We are dealing with neocolonialism and Imperialism, nothing new here. Keep up the good work, the only thing that really worries the powers is the Truth.

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