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Assassinate the WORLD – good luck!
by quill Friday, Oct 21 2011, 10:37pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

It seems appropriate after the CIA backed assassination of former Libyan leader, Col. Muammar Gaddafi and the UN sanctioned criminal, ‘humanitarian’ bombing DESTRUCTION of Libya that the effectiveness of assassination programs and the otherwise ‘silencing’ or ‘neutralising’ of political and social ‘leaders,’ be assessed for its efficacy and general ‘success’ in achieving desired aims or goals.

If history is our witness and teacher the short answer would be assassination programs are clearly counter-productive and end in defeat for the murdering, criminal force.

The most infamous US/CIA assassination program prior to the current, euphemistically labelled, “Night Raids,” program conducted in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Africa was the Phoenix Program in Vietnam. The US military, CIA and allied Special Forces engaged in hundreds, if not thousands, of summary executions, murders and political assassinations of ‘perceived threats’ to their designs. History records the result of this misdirected, lunatic approach as an abysmal failure and eventual DEFEAT for the US and its allies in Vietnam.

The most pronounced effect of the criminal assassination program was to unify, an ENTIRE NATION, Vietnam, against the murdering, barbaric, invading, aggressor! History records Ho Chi Minh’s famous response to the Americans at the time, “you will never succeed!”

‘Uncle Ho’ was acutely aware of the mood and ‘pulse’ of his nation and was EASILY able to capitalise on American criminal tactics, which ONLY served to UNITE and mobilise his people against a common foe – the result of course was a RESOUNDING VICTORY for the PEOPLE of VIETNAM.

After years of fighting exploitative colonial powers the Vietnamese PEOPLE had had enough; the civilised, intelligent solution would have been to recognise the Vietnamese peoples’ fervent desire for independence and sovereignty and embrace a free Vietnam into the international community. HOWEVER, minority criminal Financial and Corporatist forces – THE SAME AT WORK TODAY -- would have none of it, they waged their merciless, PROFITABLE, inhuman war of toxic poisons and carpet bombing devastation on the entire region killing FOUR million innocent peasants and civilians in the process – please refer to the historical record for confirmation and verification.

More bombs were dropped on the tiny, neutral nation of Laos than in the entire Second World War! The CRIMINAL bombing campaign that America conducted in Indo-China continues to take its toll to this day; AMERICA has refused to ASSIST the Laotian people in the removal of millions of tonnes of its unexploded ordnance from the countryside, munitions that regularly explode and maim countless children and farmers. A callous, brutal, PROFIT-ONLY-DRIVEN, MASS MURDERING nation such as America cannot HOPE to prevail in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE whatsoever!

Every culture and society arrives at certain time meridians where for numerous reasons, mass social awakening occurs. During these periods the ENTIRE CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS is affected. Once a mass awareness/AWAKENING occurs it CANNOT BE REVERSED by targeting single individuals or groups for assassination! [Such a primitive, typically American, attitude.] These minor and major ‘enlightenments’ are common in the historical record we are currently EXPERIENCING a MAJOR ONE at this TIME-MERIDIAN IN HISTORY!

America is faced with either returning to the civilised fold and abandoning its VIOLENT, universally DETESTED, murdering and THIEVING pursuits or jeopardising its future EXISTENCE – and I do not exaggerate!

We are ONE – We are MANY – We are the FREE PEOPLE of the W-O-R-L-D! (Get it?)

[The alternative for America and its spineless allies is as the ultra-right-wing adviser to the CRIMINAL Financial and Corporatist elites, Zbigniew Brzezinski, once stated; "today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people, than it is to control them!” Well, give it your best shot -- every one of your SICK, pathological options has been pre-empted, every measure has been countered and every avenue CLOSED. Your current course DOOMS you to complete FAILURE!]

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