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All able Australians to Melbourne!
by dasha Friday, Oct 21 2011, 12:09pm
national / social equality/unity / commentary

Australians that subscribe to traditional Oz values – the egalitarian ideal, the fair go, free speech and the right to peacefully gather and protest in OUR democratic nation, exercise your prerogatives NOW -- MELBOURNE NEEDS YOU!

In the wake of treasonous, lackey PM, Juliar Gillard, IMPOSING an unwanted Carbon Tax on the nation -- for the benefit of Goldman Sachs and other BANKS -- and allowing CRIMINAL, warring America to build FIVE new full scale military bases targeting China and making Oz a primary nuclear target, Melbourne police, on behalf of the British Monarchy, Corporate and Banking elites and puppet politicians, have brutalised peaceful demonstrators exercising their democratic social rights, see video evidence.

The police, under instruction from the Lord Mayor, brutalised dozens of citizens peacefully protesting BANK FRAUD, political CORRUPTION, wealth disparity, unbridled GREED and inequality. Heavy-handed tactics were clearly sanctioned by the city’s officials, it seems that a visiting British Monarch has more right to OUR streets, cities and towns than local residents and citizens – OUTRAGEOUS!

The British Monarchy is responsible for the ill-treatment of thousands of convict labourers in the past and the genocide of numerous indigenous tribes from traditional lands throughout the country. However, the Mayor considers an antiquated and IRRELEVANT Monarch more important than fair dinkum Australian citizens DEMANDING A FAIR GO!

The Mayor, apparently inspired by antiquated monarchs, resorted to the same tactics utilised by colonial Britain to oppress the people in the early days of settlement.

Well, it's 2011 and Gandhi taught the WORLD that popular, peaceful protests could indeed free entire nations from oppression, EXPLOITATION and colonial rule. It’s an appalling fact today that many Oz politicians have not yet learnt the lessons of history -- like the servile Melbourne Mayor and lackey PM, they remain in a colonial cringe mentality.

Protesters undaunted by the brutal tactics of police, plan to reconvene and rally in another location. If you are able to journey to Melbourne and participate in Australian Democracy and support traditional Australian values, then by all and every means GO TO MELBOURNE and support our southern brothers and sisters.

Go Oz, we will RESTORE our DEMOCRACY/sovereignty and remove all corporate and foreign controlled PUPPET politicians from office.

We are Australian -- We are ONE

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