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Gaddafi Reported Murdered by CIA backed Rebel Forces
by judd Thursday, Oct 20 2011, 8:28am
international / imperialism / other press

Mixed reports of Col. Gaddafi's capture/death are coming from confused, disparate rebel forces in Libya; however, it is improbably that the US/NATO would allow a captured Gaddafi to stand trial as the experience with Saddam proved compromising and counter-productive. We can all safely assume that reports of Gaddafi's death are accurate, as it was only a matter of time before the might of the US/NATO criminal alliance prevailed over a most wily and irritating African foe.

We would add that the death of one man does not constitute a victory for the criminal alliance or the defeat of Freedom from neo-colonialism.

The most enduring memory of the Libyan farcical 'humanitarian' bombing campaign will be the frenzy with which CIA backed and NATO forces undertook the takeover of Libya and her precious resources. The western criminal alliance openly panicked and established a Reserve Bank "with governor"' in Benghazi in the 2nd week of the campaign and then openly pursued an un-mandated and criminal assassination campaign against Gaddafi and his family, a war crime in any language.

Whatever his faults, Gaddafi gave his people the highest standard of living in North Africa and a sovereign wealth fund which would have sustained the nation had Western Banks not stolen the gold and money in the early stages of the CIA fomented conflict.

It was a very messy criminal war which promises to compromise the US and NATO in the near future.

America is now free to invade the Congo and other resource rich African nations via its puppet colonies, especially Uganda.

Gaddafi's demise was reported on Thursday morning 20 October 2011.

Long may the free WORLD resist the criminal US/NATO alliance and other forces of economic slavery and social oppression.

We are ONE.


Gaddafi established a Sovereign Independent National Bank and returned to the gold standard something the New York based Global Reserve Banking Cartel could not tolerate, he was targeted for assassination for this and other reasons by Western Banking and Oil interests -- the rest is transparent propaganda. CIA backed rebels are today crying 'freedom,' indeed, they are now free to be EXPLOITED and debt enslaved by Western Banks, rapacious Transnationals and polluting Oil Companies. Libyans will soon realise they have been DUPED and have become slaves to corrupt puppet politicians controlled by Western Corporatist interests -- Libya is free no more.

What is not reported today is that most Africans are mourning Gaddafi's death. Colonising and plundering other African nations will prove very difficult indeed for Transnational interests. Numerous fronts will soon open up against Western Imperialist forces supported by highly trained international guerrilla fighters. The ruling Banking and Transnational cartels will not be able to sustain a global resistance on multiple fronts .

Gaddafi's death marks the beginning of an international fight against debt slavery, plunder and social EXPLOITATION/subjection to the whims of a PARASITIC, criminal minority.

The US will soon collapse under the economic pressure of waging multiple conflicts around the globe and internal terrorist attacks-- it's all but over for the criminal elites now!

The world is AWARE and cannot return to slavery in any form -- the FREE PEOPLE of the WORLD are ONE and will NOT be SUBJECTED to criminal ruling elites AGAIN -- it is OVER!


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Rebels join CIA agents to hunt Gaddafi
by Richard Porritt via stan - London Evening Standard Friday, Oct 21 2011, 9:40am

Earlier report first published September 9, 2011.

A crack team of former rebel soldiers and CIA agents are on the ground in Libya hunting fugitive Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi, the new Tripoli government said today.

The military council said a group of "special forces" had been employed specifically to target the toppled dictator using satellite tracking, phone tapping and intelligence.

Gaddafi's location remains unclear even though the rebels claimed they had him cornered this week. Today, Anis Sharif, spokesman for the new government, said: "We know where he is - it is just a matter of time."

The Ministry of Defence said that no British special forces were involved specifically with the 200-strong squad tracking Gaddafi.

A member of the special forces, speaking anonymously, said troops acting on a tip had stormed a villa on Tripoli's outskirts last week.

The fighter, who took part in the operation, said they believed Gaddafi was in the villa and escaped less than an hour before the raid through a secret tunnel. Computers were on and cups of tea were still warm, he said.

Officials say the most reliable reports, culled from witnesses and informants, put the fugitive leader in or near one of three remaining strongholds of loyalist support - his hometown of Sirte on the Mediterranean, the city of Bani Walid south-east of Tripoli, or the city of Sabha deep in the southern desert.

Gaddafi has dismissed rumours he had fled Libya, saying on Syrian TV that he would never leave the "land of his ancestors" and urging his supporters to carry on the fight.

2011 ES London Limited

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