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America’s Soft Colony, Australia
by bluey Thursday, Oct 20 2011, 2:44am
national / peace/war / commentary

‘O, that it would always be this easy,’ laments Washington, as it is forced to commit compromising war crimes around the globe and bomb into submission those nations that reject its designs for domination and resource THEFT – how dare they, we are American, we are exceptional and function above the law, WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT!

Stephen 'kneepads' Smith
Stephen 'kneepads' Smith

Australia is a colonialists dream, one of the world’s resource rich nations “enthusiastically” handed over to Washington’s criminals and rapacious Transnationals by treasonous, lackey Oz PM, Juliar ‘Goldman’ Gillard. But there’s a history of spineless subservience – who could forget Howard’s head so far up Bush’s arse he retains a tan to this day or Gillard’s nauseating speech to the US Congress or obedient boy Rudd doing errands for CFR Murdoch and the Carbon Banksters? However, the grand treasonous prize goes to Paul ‘fingers’ Keating, the PM who dismantled and privatised the Commonwealth Bank, destroyed our nuclear research industry and sold the nation’s sovereignty, currency and future wealth to Wall St crooks and speculators.

Yes, Oz is lucky in many respects but extremely unlucky in others. However, it amounts to very little to a population of beer-swilling morons, apathetic fools and racist provincials who wouldn’t know if they had a dick up their moronic, SLAVE arses.

So we have the current situation, a nauseatingly servile female PM who was summoned to Washington to “enthusiastically” legalise the military occupation of Australia by signing off on 5 (FIVE) new, FULL SCALE military bases – outrageous! [The few existing bases are tracking and surveillance stations only]. Gillard, by allowing full scale (nuclear) bases in Oz has in effect made Oz a PRIMARY nuclear target in the event of an American precipitated conflict with China and other Asian neighbours but whose ‘shout’ is it, who won the game, what day is it?

Nevertheless, America is very nervous about upsetting strategically critical Oz and its rebel sons and daughters -- Murdoch, Assange, Kelly and the hard drinking nun, Mary MacKillop, who drew attention to the rampant paedophilia and unnatural acts in the male dominated, sodomite, Catholic church a century ago, are a few examples of the rebel Oz spirit.

Indeed, mixed with the moronic throng of beer-spewing, farting and belching Aussie blokes and graceless, bovine females, that are easily able to match the blokes point for point, are people to be contended with, and I’m not referring to Zionist, Frank '9/11' Lowy or Greens Leader, One World Government and sodomist, Bob Brown!

At every level of Oz society the exceptional can be found. It would be a simple matter for an astute politician to play the superpowers off in this strategically critical and vital region, it’s been done before to great benefit in other strategically important areas – make ‘em all dance, says the Marshall!

To be completely subservient to one power in this region is LUDICROUS, foolish and DANGEROUS to the extreme, as our current status as PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET, would indicate -- we can’t thank you enough, Ms Gillard!

But all is not lost, as the nation hangs in the balance and waits patiently for the right amount of global unrest and instability to gain its FREEDOM from colonial powers, rapacious Transnationals and puppet politicians; Oz is destined to regain its proud, SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENCE once again.

We note on each occasion we draw the public’s attention to the brazen dangers of US colonisation, Washington panics and orders its lackeys in Oz to diffuse the situation. The most recent, but hardly surprising example, is today’s abysmal effort by the current defence minister, Stephen 'kneepads' Smith; his pathetic attempt at apologetics will go down in infamy.

Smith announced in the media today that Australia does not host foreign “military bases” it has, and I quote, “joint military facilities” with America – feeble is not the word for this transparent effort at appeasing your masters in Washington, Smith, you reprehensible errand boy. You have even surpassed your previous disgraceful effort of pledging eternal loyalty and grovelling before Condi Rice -- much to her amusement at the time, you ‘knee walking’ dunce!

Should we talk percentages of Oz to US military hardware and other ordnance in these ‘joint facilities,’ Smith? Your statement is perhaps the lamest, transparent semantic ploy I have ever encountered and that includes all the cretinous crap designed for US consumption by the Washington machine!

Would you also care to discuss the element of risk associated with these new, full scale, nuclear equipped bases, and WHY your and Gillard’s supine attitude to Washington is even necessary, you thorough disgrace of a man?

In any event you and your servile, treasonous kind are all marked for future trials and accountability, enjoy your traitorous pandering while you can.

Australia and its regional Asian and the South Pacific neighbours will be a force to be reckoned with in the very near future. You are surrendering your sovereignty and giving your allegiance to a KNOWN criminal, terrorist state and you will share in its fate – it’s just a tick away!

O, we almost forgot, we can't wait for puppet Obama's November visit, be sure to show him the sites, Smith!

Puppet Obama
Puppet Obama

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