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"The means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek" -- Martin Luther King, Jr
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Not a ‘Left or Right’ Distraction – Simply a Crime and JUSTICE Issue
by nano Wednesday, Oct 19 2011, 11:09pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Our democracies have been hijacked by CRIMINAL Banking, Financial and Transnational Corporatist elites which have demonstrated via their puppet governments/militaries that they have no regard whatsoever for INNOCENT human life or private property – civilian holocausts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya painfully furnish the evidence. Their sociopathic, single-minded pursuit of personal gain and Profit has wrought CHAOS on a previously, relatively peaceful world.

Today the world faces economic RUIN, permanent WAR and destabilisation/chaos primarily due to the machinations of these KNOWN elites and their political puppets. Today elite figures EXERCISE COMPLETE pathological CONTROL over entire nations; they live in OBSCENE opulence and luxury while others starve and needlessly die in horrendous circumstances! They are currently pursuing complete global control, a typically megalomaniacal and psychopathic, delusional aspiration – read history you morons and learn that many, far more talented and skilled than you, have tried and (all) FAILED. WHY? Simply because the INHERENT drive/WILL to FREEDOM, LIBERTY, FAIR PLAY AND J-U-S-T-I-C-E is irrepressible and can never be extinguished in the human species!

If elites do not wake to this fact soon the masses will turn on them with the view to ridding the world of the criminal, murdering PARASITIC filth that plagues it! Very few would escape the wrath of the MORAL GLOBAL MAJORITY; from the Rothschilds down through every Banking criminal family, to every criminal Corporatist Executive and PUPPET official/politician, they ALL RISK complete ERADICATION -- only fools are unable to read the future (a failure in reading the present). The future is simply an EXTENSION of the present.

I congratulate Mr Dylan Ratigan and his guests David DeGraw and William Black for cutting through all the spin, obfuscation, media distraction and cultural ‘cotton wool’ to ADDRESS the simple substance of the issue – CRIME!

The elite’s military and agencies are committing civilian killing war crimes almost DAILY in various regions of the WORLD, the Central Reserve Banking Cartel has committed FRAUD and theft on a scale never before seen in all history YET it has taken over a decade to ADDRESS the simple substance of the issue and RUN WITH IT – better late than never, so run for your very lives PEOPLE!

We shall wrest our nations from the criminals that currently control them, we shall RESTORE our moral, cultural values and establish REPRESENTATIVE Democracy once again. And after due process we shall deliver justice to the mass murderers and rogues that have wrought so much horror, destruction and misery on the world.

We are ONE – we are MANY and we are a GLOBAL FORCE for peace and JUSTICE!

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