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Parroting speakers is moronic, 'Occupy!'
by lance Monday, Oct 17 2011, 11:45am
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Whatever noble sentiment in the 'Occupy' movement manifests itself as a crowd mindlessly repeating/parroting the words of a speaker, one thing is clear, it does NOT represent 'participatory' or 'direct' Democracy; however, it does present as the most moronic form of subservience and mindless slavery witnessed in recent times -- wake up, 'Occupy,' and dispense with this demeaning, IDIOTIC and MORONIC habit!


For those who continue to labour under the misapprehension that the 'Occupy' movement erupted 'spontaneously' from moral indignation or any other sentiment, put it out of your mimicking, parrot brains; plans to initiate a clearly targeted but ideologically UNDEFINED, 'spontaneous' protest movement were made many months back -- all arguments today over who initiated the 'Occupy' concept/movement -- DeGraw and others take note -- are therefore moot. The REAL planners and tacticians of the 'Occupy' movement have at this stage, chosen to remain in the shadows.

I would refer readers to the, "YES, WE CAN," undefined/unqualified, slogan developed by Madison Ave types, as forerunner to the undefined, demand-devoid, open ended, seemingly unfocused, 'Occupy' movement -- don't kid yourselves people, protest movements and the orchestrated 'rebellions' in the Middle East and North Africa, do NOT just happen they are planned in minute detail before they are executed to plan.

Some Positive Observations

Notwithstanding the above, a targeted but undefined movement allows numerous existing divergent groups, associations and organisations to support it without compromising their principles; it becomes a politically all inclusive movement -- also, consider how easily the movement could be re-claimed when and if it matures and becomes a force to be reckoned with!

I have a background in military intelligence and can state without reservation that the 'Occupy' movement is a well planned and orchestrated psychological or 'Psywar' campaign which was primarily designed to CATALYSE ACTION in others while remaining undefined and avoiding the pitfalls of ideological confinement/restriction itself -- a nice piece of work and very contemporary. It should be clear to all readers that the 'battle' for your minds is CONSTANT today. Life is a (permanent) Psywar in our Corporate controlled World.

I would add that 'direct or participatory' Democracy, which 'Occupy' is attempting to implement, is nothing new -- real Democracy only comes in two forms, direct MAJORITY rule or rule by (elected) Representatives. The direct approach is cumbersome and impractical, which leaves REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY as the only viable alternative.

The failure of representative democracy today does not stem from a flawed paradigm, it is largely the result of a (managed) paralysed population. The MAJORITY has ALLOWED minority interests to exert undue influence over elected officials for far too long -- that simple.

A LEGAL Provision exists in the American Constitution to remedy that situation; indeed, the people are OBLIGED to REMOVE any government or politician that does not act in the nation's or people's best interests.

The 'Occupy' movement could offer a remedy for undemocratic minority rule by demonstrating that the masses are dissatisfied with government and the status quo. It also has the potential to become THE vehicle for REAL CHANGE.

Regardless of whether the 'Occupy' movement becomes a sustained political force or not, it has succeeded in identifying to the WORLD the corrupt, criminal, MINORITY forces that are responsible for most of the problems we face today.

Assange is forever handicapped by his position on 9/11 -- in the face of overwhelming evidence and PROFESSIONAL,expert opinion to the contrary, he chooses to accept the official government story and reject evidence that 9/11 was an inside job/CONSPIRACY.

Essential viewing is "The Revolution Business," from Journeyman Pictures -- link below:

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